VaporBrothers Dabbler Review: B

I love my new little toy! Let’s get right to it:

One of my favorite parts of this vaporizer is it’s compact size–you can literally fit the pen and the case in your back pocket! It’s been super useful to me in situations where I can’t roll and I’m in a hurry or on-the-go.

It comes with the battery handle that has a built-in charger, the heater with coil, the cone that holds the herb, the mouthpiece and a mini-USB adapter.

I usually just keep the mouthpiece, cone and heater together at all times, unless I’m loading herb. The cone chamber does get very waxy and hard to clean, as does the coil chamber.

As you can see, this particular pen unfortunately doesn’t hold much herb. It’s nice that it’s simple; once you tightly pack the heater (gently, as to not dislodge the coil) and screw on the cone, the pen is ready to use!

You just press and hold the button in the middle and it usually takes about 3 seconds before you start to feel smoke. You can generally get about 2-3 (separate) inhales before you have to take off the cone and either load with more herb, or the usual case of getting the rest of the herb already in there against the coil. After about 10 seconds, the light on the dabbler will flash a couple times before shutting it off to cool down. The flavor is purely smoke, and I never tasted anything strange.

A great thing about the dabbler is that once charged it lasts a long time, however there is no cord. You just unscrew the bottom of the dabbler and plug the USB mini-port into it; most people have USB wall chargers so that wasn’t an issue for me, but may be for someone else.

This is the dabbler charging in the wall. I definitely don’t like the dabbler hanging down the way it does, it just feels too risky to me that it might drop, although it never has.


  • Compact and concealable carrying case
  • Good for quick hits
  • Sleek design
  • Smoke is flavorless and is plentiful
  • Simple to use


  • Doesn’t hold much herb
  • Having to readjust the herb often so that it fits on coil
  • Charger doesn’t have its own adapter or cord

Conclusion: Overall, this is a great pen if you’re looking for something compact and just need a couple quick hits. I wouldn’t recommend it for prolonged vape use, as it does get tedious taking it apart to constantly reload or adjust the herb. Compared with other vaporizers, the Dabbler is the perfect pen for quick hits and travel.

Reviewed by: Liz N. on April 4, 2015

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