Terms of Use

As a condition of sale, all vaporizers must be used in a lawful and proper manner. Vaporizers are designed to be used for aromatherapy and herbal therapy. The unlawful use of any devices could result in fines, penalties and/or imprisonment under state and federal law.

Vaporizers are to be used under proper supervision of someone knowledgeable in the areas of aromatherapy, naturopathy, herbology and natural or organic healthcare practices. This device should be used with safe, legal and commonly used oils, herbs and botanical medicines.

All products are meant for persons 18 years of age or older. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing that you are of age. Keep all devices out of the reach of young children.

We provide instructions and literature on the use of all devices. The device is extremely powerful and therefore only a small amount of herbs, oils or botanicals are needed to operate it.

This document was created for the sole purpose of providing informational use to our customers. In no way is any of this information intended to be a directive, authoritative, medical nor prescriptive guide in using our products or treating any medical/health condition. Neither the seller or manufacturer of any product on the site is liable nor to be held responsible for the misuse of our products or any materials used with it.

All users and purchasers of any of the devices on this site are reliable for their own actions. We encourage all of our users to utilize our products in a safe, legal and proper manner. No pregnant, nursing, epileptic, weak of heat or sick persons should use a vaporizer without consulting a professional doctor or physician beforehand.