Arizer Air Vaporizer Review: A

Arizer has done it again! They have released a new vaporizer based on the wildly popular Solo.

 One of the common complaints about the Solo was that it is too chunky. The Arizer Air is basically a slimmed down version of the Arizer Solo, except with a few differences. 

Arizer Air vs. Arizer Solo

  • Because the Air is smaller, it also has a slightly lower battery life, about 20% less.
  • Solo has 7 temp settings. Air has 5 temp settings.
  • The Air also has a shorter stem that has a black plastic mouthpiece.
  • Obviously, because the Air is smaller, it can fit in your pocket better than the Solo.
  • The 18650 battery on the Air is swappable by unscrewing the bottom.
  • There is less draw resistance when takings hits on the Air.
  • The Air comes with a carrying case.

As you can see from the heat signature of the herb chamber, the temperatures are fairly even, but not as even as they are in the Solo.


  • Slim design, easy to use, high quality construction.
  • Feels very natural to hold and conceal in the palm of your hand, just like a pen vape.
  • 5 temperature settings that are very easy to set, thanks to the color-coded LED lights.
  • Lower draw resistance than the Solo, which some people may like.
  • The swappable 18650 battery is a nice new feature.


  • I don't really like the black plastic mouthpiece tip (it screws off if you don't like it, or you can also buy an all-glass stem from Arizer).
  • Yes, the Air can fit in your pocket easier because it is smaller, but is not necessarily much stealthier because I am afraid that either the stem will fall out and herb will get all over my pocket (or purse). OR, the glass stem may break.
  • Shorter battery life than the Solo, by about 20%.
  • Shorter stem on the Air means that the vapor is not as cool when it touches your lips.
  • Temperatures in the heating chamber are slightly not as even as they are in the Solo.

Conclusion: The Air is one of the best portable vapes, and Arizer has done a wonderful job of shrinking down the wildly successful Solo. If a slimmed down Solo is what you are looking for, I highly recommend the Air.

But will it replace the Solo? No, because the Solo still has slightly better vapor quality because of the LONGER ALL GLASS stem. I also like the long battery life and long all-glass stem of the Solo.

I'd say the Air competes closely with the Pax and the Ascent. The Pax is more stealthy than the Air but the it has worse vapor taste because has a plastic & metal vapor path.

The Ascent and the Air both have awesome vapor taste because they both use glass vapor paths. Ascent is heavier but easier to carry around because everything is self contained.

Reviewed by JW on February 6, 2015

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