Virginia’s 1st Medical Marijuana Dispensary coming up in Hampton

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on August 14, 2018.

The first medical marijuana dispensary in Virginia is likely to come up in Hampton.

Hampton-based startup company Rx Native Pharmaceuticals is planning to invest $8 million to launch a medical marijuana dispensary in Hampton.

Rx Native Pharmaceuticals is seeking the conditional permit for Health District 5, as designated by the Virginia Board of Pharmacy (BOP).

District 5 comprises 24 localities, including the Peninsula, Southside, Middle Peninsula and parts of Northern Neck.

"I think it changes lives and I really want to be able to bring it to the Hampton and District 5 community," said CEO of RX Native Pharmaceuticals, Chantra Stevenson.

The Virginia Board of Pharmacy is only approving five conditional permits for medical marijuana dispensaries, one for each of the five health districts in the state.

Under the BOP requirements, an applicant has up to a year to complete and meet all necessary criteria to receive the state permit. Once a company is granted a full license, it would get an inspection and ultimately a full permit to grow marijuana plants.

If awarded, the business would grow, make and sell the medicinal cannabis oil, which doesn't contain the psychoactive components that get you high.

Besides, it is expected to bring hundreds of jobs to the city in a bid to become the first of its kind licensed in Virginia.

The Virginia Board of Pharmacy is scheduled to award an applicant by September 25. 

If Rx Native is chosen, she says they could be up and running as early as the winter of 2019.

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