Saskatchewan sets minimum cannabis use age at 19

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on March 16, 2018.

In a major development, Saskatchewan province set the minimum legal age to consume cannabis at 19, the same as alcohol.

The government tabled legislation on Wednesday outlining its plans once the federal government legalizes marijuana later this year.

Justice Minister Don Morgan stated that age 19 kept cannabis in line with current restrictions around alcohol.

"We decided this kept us in line with what the age for consumption and possession of alcohol was, and that seemed to be the direction that most of the provinces were going," Morgan said."It would have been a challenge to use 23, or 25, or a later age," Morgan said. "We were afraid that it would make it easier for the black market."

However, minors caught with a small amount won't end up with a criminal record; instead they will likely be ticketed under the rules.

Apart from the legal age of consuming cannabis, the legalization plan will allowto grow four cannabis plants per household and possess 30 grams of cannabis per consumer.

Saskatchewan is the last of Canada’s 10 provinces to announce its minimum age for legal use. Seven provinces have already stated 19 will be their legal ages, while Alberta and Quebec have announced 18 will be their minimum ages.

Recreational marijuana use is expected to be legalized in Canada this year — a final Senate vote on Bill C-45 is set for June 7 — but not all rules surrounding the drug will be federally legislated.

In Saskatchewan, cannabis will be sold by private retailers and the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) will issue roughly 60 permits in municipalities and three First Nations around the province.

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