New Jersey issues warning about marijuana-laced candies this Halloween

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on October 28, 2017.

Ahead of the Halloween, New Jersey is sending out warning to parents to keep watch on people slipping marijuana-laced candies to their children. A document published by the state attorney general's office is being shared by law enforcement agencies around New Jersey and beyond.

“There is a significant presence of marijuana candy and other edible forms in New Jersey and nearby states. The presence of these edible forms of marijuana poses a great risk to users, especially to children, who may accidentally receive marijuana candy during Halloween. Adults should check for unusual candy packaging (e.g. homemade packages, such as plastic bags). Currently, there is no information indicating that anyone would intentionally give out marijuana candy,” says the document.

Owing to the possible threat, the Police department has asked the parents to be cautious with the candy packaging.

“Because of the similarities between marijuana candy and brand name candy, it is often difficult to distinguish the difference based on appearance alone. In addition to the packaging, marijuana candy can have an odor similar to that of the marijuana plant making it easier to identify,” the alert reads.

The warning also cites an example of a 10-year-old New York boy who was taken ill after consuming candy infused with cannabis found in his family’s car.

“In May 2017, a 10-year old boy from Ramapo, New York was sent to the emergency room after ingesting a marijuana infused sour gummy candy. The boy experienced symptoms of nervousness and nausea,” the post read. However, the incident had no link with Halloween.

With no evidence of such an act, the advocates battling for legalizing the drug say it could be a mere Halloween scare tactic.

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