Merced's City's Planning Commission approves 4 Marijuana Dispensaries

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on September 24, 2018.

The city planning commission approved four marijuana dispensaries in Merced's. All four of the businesses were approved after two days of a public hearing.

The four marijuana dispensaries which got the approval are Blue Fire - to be located along Olive Avenue, The Green Door - to be located along Main Street, Manzanita - to be located on the 1500 block of 18th Street and The Harvest of Merced - to be located inside an old warehouse on 15th Street.

Speaking about the development, City Development Services Scott McBride said, "They're going to hire local people, they're going to use local contractors, they're going to inject money into the local community."

All the marijuana dispensaries will have an extensive video and alarm security system and have security on site during business hours.

Some dispensaries may open up by the end of the year. "We'll issue (applicants) a certificate, they can start the state license process. They all have substantial renovations at the buildings. There's a lot of money and a lot of work," added McBride.

As many as 22 companies, including the four, had submitted complete applications for cannabis dispensaries in March.

A committee of City Manager Steve Carrigan, Police Chief Chris Goodwin and Director of Development Services Scott McBride reviewed the applications.

The cannabis dispensaries were given scores based on criteria which included public outreach programs, parking, business hours, previous experience and qualifications of the owners, access to capital, inclusion of certain safety features, local residency and other details.

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