Massive marijuana farm discovered in Mississippi County

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on August 28, 2017.

The Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics on Thursday discovered a sea of marijuana plants spread over more than four acres of land in Jefferson Davis County.

Addressing the media, a Narcotics Director John Dowdy said, their office received a tip that someone was growing marijuana near Prentiss in Jefferson Davis County, and surveillance was conducted by using drone footage and a helicopter.

An estimated 14,000 marijuana plants were found off Polk Oatis Road, about two miles east of Granby Road, and are divided into five different fields spread over more than four acres. There was an underground bunker with a ladder and generator between the fields.

Hoses were running water to the plants from a large plastic swimming pool and a pond. Many of the plants stood over 6-feet tall. Arms and ammunitions as well as some modern technological devices were also found near the marijuana farm, the official added.

Investigators started to uproot the plants on Thursday evening and said every weed plant will be cleared. They had to cut a road into the site with a bulldozer, removing the plants and burning some.

The officials said, this was the biggest operation and largest outdoor marijuana farm they’ve seen in the state in the last 35 years.

The campsites had somehow managed to flee the spot by the time officials reached. The authorities said they don’t yet know who was running the farm, but they do have leads on suspects though.

Earlier reports placed the number of marijuana plants around 6000, which brought an estimated value of at least $10 million. After the initial number more than doubled on Thursday evening, a new estimated worth value is also expected to drastically increase.

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