Eben Britton says he played his best game after smoking Marijuana

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on September 21, 2016.

The former Jaguars and Bears offensive lineman Eben Britton has revealed that he not only smoked marijuana before games during his six-year NFL career but had also been even better while baked, according to a report in Sunday's New York Post.

“NFL games I played stoned were some of the best games I ever played. Cannabis cements your surroundings,” Britton told the paper. “A lot of people say they’re useless when they smoke weed. But hell, I played NFL games while stoned, dude. My performances were solid and I felt really good after.”

While responding to a query about how many NFL players currently smoke marijuana, Britton said, he estimates “over 50 percent and it could be as high as 75 percent.”

Marijuana falls under the league’s substance abuse policy and the NFL tests for it, but just once a year between April and August, so players who want to smoke marijuana can do so during the season without much fear, he added.

For Britton, marijuana helped him more than medical benefits. “Right after practice, me and one to three other players would go to somebody’s house to get high,” the former offensive lineman said. “Smoking helped me to socialize with teammates. Cannabis took us out of football. We were hanging out and just being people. It brought us closer together as teammates.”

Meanwhile, a number of former players have urged that the NFL should relax its policies in light of more lenient attitudes toward the use of marijuana as a safer alternative to painkillers, particularly in the United States, since half of the states have legalized the use of marijuana for some qualified medical conditions while four states and D.C. for recreational use as well.

Notably, Britton was suspended by NFL in 2015 and has not played in the league since then.

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