Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission to issue 32 Dispensaries Licenses

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on January 15, 2017.

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission decided Tuesday to issue 32 medical marijuana dispensary licenses, which will be evenly distributed among the four congressional districts of the state.

Initially the commission had decided to approve just 28 licenses for dispensaries across Arkansas, but eventually opted to have 32 licenses in the interest of increasing access to medical marijuana patients in the state.

Congressional districts are considered according to the population, leaving some districts with less than a dozen heavily populated counties and others covering large expanses with relatively fewer people.

The commission has also set dispensary license application fees at $7,500. However, Applicants who are unsuccessful will have half of their fee refunded to them. Dispensaries that choose not to grow medical marijuana will be charged a $2,500 initial license fee and a $10,000 yearly fee.

However, Dispensaries that do grow their own medical marijuana plants would be charged a $25,000 license fee and a $32,500 annual fee.

“Opening it up for more people in the beginning will let people know that there’s an opportunity for them to be part of this business,” commission chairman Dr. Ronda Henry-Tillman said. The commission will have a final draft of regulations completed by Jan. 23.

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commissioners that include Dr. Carlos Roman of Little Rock, Dr. Rhonda Henry-Tillman of Little Rock, Dr. Stephen Carroll of Benton, Travis Story of Fayetteville and James Miller of Bryantis, are responsible for creating the regulations required to medical marijuana license , cultivation facilities and dispensaries in the state.

According to the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment, which was approved by the voters in November 2016, the residents of the state with a qualifying medical condition can purchase 2.5 ounces of marijuana every 14 days from dispensaries stocked from in-state cultivation facilities.

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