Sacramento City Council allows indoor Medical Marijuana Cultivation

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on February 03, 2016.

The Sacramento City Council voted to promulgate an ordinance, which would allow cultivation of medical marijuana by clinics inside the buildings. As per the ordinance, the buildings should be up to 22,000 square feet, which is the size of four and a half NBA basketball courts.

The buildings must be located in agriculture or commercial zones and they cannot be near a park or school. The marijuana industry in Sacramento City, has welcomed the decision. The ordinance ensured that Sacramento becomes the largest city in California to approve medical marijuana cultivation on such a larger scale.

The city would earn 4% tax from the cultivators, which would amount to $1 million revenue per year. Potential marijuana growers need to apply for a permit through the city. The council will decide on the number of permits to be issued. It's yet to be decided.

Meanwhile, Sacramento City leaders have added a 45-day moratorium to the ordinance so that all pending issues are sorted out. According to reports, Southeast Sacramento district is expected to see 80 percent of the total cultivation. It would become a medical marijuana cultivation hub in future.

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