Nebraska may have Marijuana Political Party Soon

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on August 24, 2015.

Nebraska is yet to enter the map of states that have legalized medical marijuana, but a movement is going on in that state to unite people under a new political party, which will be established only to garner support for the weed. The supporters of legalization of medical marijuana are traveling across the state to launch this campaign.

The advocates of medical marijuana argue that it would help their children with cerebral palsy with the epilepsy. Many people in York and other parts of Nebraska are in favor of medical marijuana, but it won't be an easy ride for them to get a legislation approved. It will be a long process for sure.

The pro-marijuana people have started a campaign, requesting people to sign their petition to launch the 'Marijuana Party of Nebraska'. Mark Elworth Jr. who organized the petition back in April 2015, admitted that medical marijuana would not be passed through the legislature. "But, I want 5,500 signatures to create my own party so that we can present our views on appropriate platform", he said.

Elworth has claimed to have garnered over 3,000 signatures so far. "I just don't want to legalize weed. My goal is to make the state better, Young people should not go out of the state. The money, which is going out, should stay here. And, our patients must get enough facilities and scope to stay back here and get proper treatment. Everyone has a right to healthy life and nobody should suffer. That's our goal." he added.

At the same time, there are many people, who are opposed to Elworth's campaign, saying Nebraska does not need medical marijuana. They believe that Elworth and many others do not know anything about marijuana business and its side effects.

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