Florida Supreme Court to get 100,000 Medical Marijuana Petitions

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on July 23, 2015.

Even as the move to legalize medical marijuana in Florida fell by just two percent during the process in November 2014, people have not given up yet. The advocacy groups are very much active and 'United For Care' has taken the lead in mobilizing support for the pot. The group is now sending 100,000 (almost 30,000 more than required) signatures to the Florida Supreme Court to review the language.

In November 2014, 58 percent of Florida voters supported Amendment 2, which sought to make medical marijuana legal in the state. However, it could not be passed after failing to reach the 60 percent threshold. Ben Pollara, Campaign Manager of 'United For Care', has expressed confidence that the signatures would be the first step in putting a medical marijuana amendment on the 2016 ballot.

Since a lot more people will vote in the Presidential polls in 2016, the group expects that their medical marijuana move will get overwhelming support from the masses. The proposed amendment would require the doctors to certify that their patients are suffering from a debilitating illness. The state would then issue ID cards. Patients won't be able to grow pot at their homes, but would get access to treatment centers, which would be licensed to grow and sell medical marijuana.

If the Supreme Court approves the language on the basis of 100,000 signatures sent by the 'United For Care', the group would have to send 60,000 more signatures to the Florida Division of Elections by February 1, 2016. Once submitted and verified, the amendment would move back to the Supreme Court, which would determine the constitutionality of the amendment.

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