About 44% of Americans have tried Marijuana, reveals Opinion Poll

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on July 23, 2015.

According to a poll conducted by Gallup.com, about 44% of Americans have revealed that they have tried marijuana, even though it remains illegal under federal law and only four states have allowed recreational marijuana so far.

The research-based consulting company, which is best known for its opinion polls, confirmed that this is the highest percentage of people admitting to the use of marijuana ever since they started polls on the same question in 1969 when only 4% people had admitted to using the pot.

Interestingly, about 11% of the American citizens also revealed that they smoke cannabis even today. The information was released Wednesday. It was collected during the period of July 8-12 via telephonic interviews. In total, 1,009 adults were selected at random. The poll showed that Americans have become more liberal on the issue of legalization of marijuana.

According to the poll, men are more likely than women to use of have used marijuana."Men (13%) are more than twice as likely as women (6%) to say they use marijuana. Nearly half of men have at least tried it, compared with 35% of women."

The religious people prefer to stay away from this soft drug, while secular people are inclined towards it. Currently, Colorado, Alaska, Washington and Oregon have allowed the use of recreational marijuana along with the District of Columbia, which is awaiting Congress' nod.

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