Canadian Parents treat Epileptic Girl with Marijuana Oil

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on May 12, 2015.

A two-year-old girl is being given oil-based medical marijuana to help control her seizures, the Canadian Press reported. Gwenevere Repetski, who will turn three years in June, is living in Thornhill, Ontario in Canada. Her father Alex Repetski has revealed that the marijuana oil has helped his daughter crawl, which is no less than a milestone for them, as they never thought of witnessing that sight.

Gwenevere was an infant when she was diagnosed with epilepsy. The disease delayed her physical as well as emotional development. She could hardly roll over even at the age of two. After getting inputs from other sources, Alex decided to use marijuana oil, which is known as Cannabidiol, or CBD. When mixed with oil, it becomes a potential therapy for complex forms of epilepsy. And, the result was very positive.

The oil has definitely helped the girl control her seizures and even crawl, which was next to impossible for her a few months ago. Although extracting oil from marijuana is illegal in Canada, the new law allows the development of medical marijuana industry. The law went into effect in March 2014. And, Alex did not waste time and found a doctor who authorized the use of medical marijuana for his daughter.

As Gwenevere could not smoke or vaporize the pot, Alex made marijuana oil in his kitchen and started giving it to her three times a day. She never had a seizure after that, he claimed. Although it's still illegal to extract marijuana oil in the kitchen, Alex decided to go public with his story after consulting a criminal lawyer, who happens to be his friend. It is not sure whether the police would charge Alex, but if it happens, he is ready to fight the legal battle.

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