Nevada Lawmaker seeks Medical Marijuana for Pets

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on March 18, 2015.

Democrat Tick Segerblom, a lawmaker from Nevada has proposed a bill in the state legislature, seeking medical marijuana for ailing pets. The proposed measure would allow owners get the drug for their pets with adequate permission from a Veterinarian, who may take the decision in worst circumstances if the animal has an illness that might be helped only by marijuana.

The proposed bill also included provisions related to the use of medical marijuana among humans. New regulations for dispensaries and dropping charges against motorists found driving with pot, are the other features of the proposed bill.

Nevada is one of the 23 states in the United States, which have legalized medical marijuana. The SB 372, proposed by Tick Segerblom, seeks medical marijuana for the pets only if the animal's owner is a Nevada resident. Segerblom justified his proposed bill, saying he got the feedback from many pet owners, who believe that such a bill would help their animals to a great extent.  

"I have received calls from people who ask whether they can give pot to their pets or not if they have a medical marijuana card. Since the answer is NO, that makes them feel sad," said Segerblom. Since no others U.S. states have approved such a legislation, it would be interesting to learn whether Nevada can breach the rule book and united most lawmakers in favor of the legislation.

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