Congress to block D.C.'s Marijuana Legalization Plan

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on December 09, 2014.

Even though nearly 70 percent of voters in District of Columbia had given thumbs up to the recreational use of marijuana in the national capital, the U.S. Congress is looking forward to stall their efforts to legalize the pot. The Initiative 71, which was supposed to legalize possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use while still banning sales, may not get the nod of the U.S. Congress.

According to a summary published on the House Appropriation website, the spending bill to be considered by the Congress this week, prohibits both federal and local funds from being used to implement a referendum legalizing recreational marijuana use in the District.

According to Drug Policy Alliance, the Democrats who openly vouched for Initiative 71, may strike a deal with the Republicans to show that they protected D.C.'s marijuana decriminalization law from elimination, even though they failed in the legalization efforts.

D.C.'s legalization initiative in November received the mandate to allow use of small amount of marijuana for recreational purpose. However, as per the provisions, all initiatives in the national capital must get the Congressional approval to become law.

The Ballot 71 initiative would allow adults 21 and above to possess up to two ounces of marijuana, grow up to six plants of cannabis at home, and give marijuana to other adults 21 and above. However, it still prohibited legalization, regulation or sale of pot. Only Colorado and Washington have so far legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Apart from D.C., Alaska and Oregon too approved the November initiatives to allow recreational use of pot in their states.

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