Woody Harrelson denied license to open marijuana dispensary in Hawaii

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on May 02, 2016.

Hollywood star and a vocal proponent of recreational marijuana usage, Woody Harrelson has been denied a license recently to open a first ever medical marijuana dispensary in Hawaii.

The 54-year-old Oscar-nominated actor applied for the license on behalf of his company—‘Simply Organic Living LLC’ in Honolulu County in February.

Harrelson, best known for his roles in the film “Hunger Games”, was among 66 Hawaii residents who applied to open medical-marijuana dispensaries.

The Hawaii Department of Health released the list of approved applicants last week. Among the successful applicants, three are from Honolulu, two from the Big Island, two more from Maui while one is from Kauai.

Applicants in Hawaii were required to have USD 1 million plus USD 100,000 for each of their planned dispensary locations. Also, one must be resident of Hawaii for more than five years.

The approved applicants are allowed to have two production centers and two retail dispensaries, for a total of 16 dispensaries statewide. And, the facilities can be open for business as early as July 15.

Hawaii was the first US state to legalize medical marijuana 16 years ago.

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