Oakland Museum to open first-ever Marijuana Exhibition in U.S.

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on April 17, 2016.

In a first-of-its-kind incident in the USA, the Oakland Museum in northern California is all set open a unique exhibition dedicated to marijuana, titled "Altered State: Marijuana in California", from April 16, 2016. The marijuana exhibition ends on September 25, 2016.

The first ever museum exhibition devoted to marijuana in the country will showcase the history of weed from scary predictions of Reefer Madness to the stoner comedy of Cheech and Chong, and the point when America began discussing the issue of medical marijuana in a more serious way.

The months-long exhibition on marijuana will also display every imaginable aspect of the complex issue — from medical claims and the “War on Drugs” of the ‘80s, to recreational use, conflicting laws, economics, environmental concerns, sacred uses of the plant and, even stoner movies like “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.”

The associate curator of the museum Sarah Seiter believes that the exhibit will not take a position on legalization, or whether recreational use is good or bad. Instead, the show will examine the science, economics, politics, history, and spirituality surrounding the marijuana, she points out.

The museum show on marijuana certainly draws national attention as part of the institution’s ongoing effort to serve as a forum for debate on different aspects of marijuana use.

Currently, the use, sale, possession, cultivation, and transportation of marijuana is illegal under federal law in the USA. However, more than twenty states have marijuana laws, while four states and Washington D.C. have legalized marijuana for recreational use.

California voters may face a ballot initiative this year to legalize recreational use of marijuana.

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