Louisiana House takes first step to allow Medical Marijuana sales

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on March 26, 2016.

A Louisiana House Committee has recently approved a Bill which would create a license for business owners to sell medical marijuana products.

The House Health and Welfare Committee approved the House Bill 446 that shows a step towards selling medical marijuana by implementing a $5,000 fee to apply for a license, as well as a $150 store operation fee.

The $5,000 would be used to pay for inspections, background checks, and to prepare paperwork. The new law would limit the number of marijuana stores to 10, which would be spread around the state.

Democratic Rep. H. Bernard LeBas, a pharmacist from Ville Platte said, “We are hoping that the drug manufacturers can get rid of the part of the drug to get people high and make medicines that treat ailments, such as glaucoma.”

Louisiana has already allowed the use of medical marijuana with a doctor’s prescription since the 1990s, although the sale of cannabis remained illegal. Now, a bill moving through the legislature could soon change that restriction.

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