ZenPen Vape Review: B+

If you need a vape on the go, you need to check out the Zenpen. If you need something discrete around the house that you can take out and use with a minutes notice and have it put away just as quickly, you need to check out the Zenpen.

Similar in many ways to other popular pens on the market, the Zenpen personal vaporizer is light weight and minimalistic with no buttons or switches. It is ready to go when you are. By just inhaling on the mouth piece, the device is activated and you will see lights at the bottom showing you the power is on.

When you take the product out of the box, the first thing you see is the plastic carrying case in the look of polished aluminum. Upon opening the case, there is the battery and the charging block.

If bought at a vape store, it comes with an empty cartridge. But if you buy it at a dispensary in California, you can have a cartridge filled with medicated oil from a strain of your choice.

The many strains available come in full 1 gram size, 0.6 gram size, or a 0.3 gram size cartridge. The plastic cartridges can be refilled by removing the mouth piece. But many people consider them disposable and just replace them because that is where the atomizer is contained.

The case assembles nicely with all parts in it for on the go. The case is durable yet light weight; but it can also take some abuse. It slips easily into an upper shirt pocket or jacket pocket. It is much like a cigarette or business card case.

No buttons or switches also means no unintended activation in your pocket. It uses the same battery and cartridge design as many base line pens, so the batteries and cartridges are interchangeable with other popular brands.

This type of pen is usually the least expensive and isn’t as sophisticated as most other pens like the Cloud V or Atmos Raw in that you don’t add your own wax, can’t use dry herb, there is no wick or replaceable glass sleeves and you don’t need to clean them.

You can replace the entire system each time except for the battery. The rechargeable smart battery is a 4.5 Volt lithium ion and is designed to be recharged over 1,000 times before needing to be replaced. Charging the battery is simple. When the indicator light flashes to signal low battery, simply screw it on the supplied usb charging block. The indicator light on the charging block will go from red to green when the battery is fully charged.

What is not so similar to other vape products is what’s in the cartridge. The Zenpen cartridge has an amber honey oil look that is lighter in color than most other cartridges yet remains dense. It smokes very smooth and has an intense hashy flavoring on exhale.

At only 6 inches, the assembled pen can be stashed just about anywhere.


  • Small lightweight design with convenient and durable carry case.
  • Discreet for stealthy use, looks like an e-cigarette or like you have a pen in your hand.
  • Lithium battery lasts longer than a full size cartridge.
  • Durable plastic tank


  • Plastic tank affects taste just like with any food product.
  • One size fits all hits

Overall Score: A-

Conclusion: I like this style of pen very much. It is very minimalistic and stress-free. It can be taken out, used, and put away in less than 30 seconds. The plastic cartridges usually leave me less satisfied than glass in the taste department, but I know that a glass cartridge wouldn’t last two seconds in the variety of situations this pen ends up in. What makes the Zenpen a better choice are the lightweight long-lasting battery and the high quality and variety of cartridges being offered.

Reviewed by Mike C. on May 6, 2015

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