Vaporfection Digital Jr.



Vaporfection Digital Jr.:

Handcrafted in the USA, The Vaporfection Stealth Jr. Digital VDS Vaporizer is equipped with a laboratory ISO certified and calibrated digital module thermometer display, so it makes to be one of the most reliable purchase you’ll ever make.

The vaporizing temperature is controlled by manually adjusting the temperature control knob and monitoring the temperature through the digital display. This unit is equipped with an all glass heating element, laboratory grade borosilicate glass chamber and glass whip, medical grade tubing, and a large glass mouth piece.

Like all Vaporfection vaporizers, this unit features a glass on glass heating element and all internal components are individually tested and manufactured to a high standard of quality control.

Vaporfection Digital Jr. Guarantee:

We guarantee our Vaporfection Digital Jr. will work to its full potential, if you’re not satisfied please call our friendly staff and we’ll solve the problem for you. We also offer free standard ground shipping on all our products and replacement parts as well.(note. We will only ship to the shipping address that matches the credit card.) We have included an Herbal Stir Tool with you purchase as a gift. It also comes with a 3 year warranty!(see manual) So order with confidence and get ready to experience a new way of life.

Vaporfection Digital Jr. Features:

  • Glass heating element – Better than quartz and ceramic elements this vaporizer uses glass on glass technology. This provides a pure, rich tastier aroma vapor without the use of diluted vapor from a balloon vaporizer system.
  • Exclusive Set It & Forget It Feature – There is no need to push any buttons! Upon initial setup, you can turn your Vapor Delivery System off without having to worry about having to set the preferred temprature the next time you decide to use it. It will always return to your preferred setting when you turn it back on.
  • Automatic shut off cool down sensor.
  • Glowing EMERALD GREEN Vapor Chamber.
  • Vaporsense Digital Temperature Control indicator guarantees no guesswork and simplicity of use and our exclusive air-flow technology measures air temperature/movement and adjusts heating temperature to compensate for differences in air flow. (Stealth II Only)
  • Sleek design chassis made from high grade aluminum.
  • Unique design Vaporfection laboratory grade thickest borosilicate glass flow whip with heavy glass mouth piece, and medical grade tubing.
  • Dual lead free vapor cooling fans to provide better efficiency and quiet operation.
  • 220 volt electrical systems are available with Celsius reading upon special request.


  • Free standard ground UPS or FedEx shipping
  • Ship only to shipping address that matches billing address
  • Ship within 1-2 business days
  • USPS Priority Mail and Express Mail is not available for this item

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