Vapir Vapormatic Vaporizer



The Vapormatic Deluxe Vaporizer is for the nostalgic vapor enthusiasts. It has chrome accents with a stainless steel frame for a stylish, retro look. It comes equipped with an illuminated LCD screen on the front that gives the user an exact temperature reading (+/- 4 degrees Celsius). It has a quartz crystal heating element, an easy to use herb disk system, and duel control of the fan speed and temperature setting-this feature allows the user to adjust the heat and fan speed while the Vapormatic Deluxe is still in operation. This vaporizer also has duel operational modes, direct inhalation mode-using a whip to directly intake vapors from the unit- and the balloon inflation system- captures vapors in a cellophane balloon for vapor enjoyment now or later. The Vapir Vapormatic Vaporizer is one boss vaporizer.

Vapir Vapormatic Vaporizer Includes:

  • Stainless Steel Chrome casing
  • Digital temperature control and display (Centigrade and Fahrenheit)
  • Balloon kit included
  • Prompt heating element
  • Adjustable air flow
  • Can use with prefilled discs or fill your own

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