VapeXhale Cloud EVO Review: A-

Review Update on June 30, 2014 (now ships with heat-insulating wristbands)

In my original review, my primary complaint about the Cloud EVO is that the top of the main unit gets blistering hot. Fortunately, VapeXhale employee Brianne notified me that their units are now shipping with heat-insulating  wristbands.

Brianne suggests putting the wristbands on the top of the Cloud EVO.

As you can see from the thermal images below, the wristbands help reduce the temperature of the top from SCALDING HOT to uncomfortably warm, which is good, but there is still room for improvement.

End of update.

Beginning of Original Review

VapeXhale Unboxing

The friendly team at VapeXhale sent me their Cloud EVO to review. The EVO is their 2nd generation product, and it stands for Extreme Vapor Output.

Whats in the box?

Included is the heating unit, 2x herb bullets (EZ load bowls), and the manual. Shipped separately in butcher paper is the HydraTube. You can choose one of many hydratubes on VapeXhale's website. I received the Swagger Barrel HydraTube.

How to use?

Turn on the heating unit, and turn the knob to your desired temperature. I got the best results with the knob at the 2:00 o'clock position.

While the unit is heating up, load your herb of choice into the EZ Load bowls. This bullet style loading system reminds me of the Pinnacle Pro. It is easy to use the bullets as a big scoop, and it makes cleanup easy. 

EZ LOAD Bullet

I got the best results by packing the herbs loosely and less than half way full. VapeXhale's manual suggests not to pack the herbs over 75% full. 

The LED on the heating unit changes color from red to green once your temperature is reached. Put the cap on the bullet, load it onto the glass receiver, and put your hydratube on to take a big RIP!

How To Use Instructions

Vapor quality is truly exceptional!

The VapexXhale Cloud EVO is a MONSTER because it consistently produces tasty, thick, milky, vapor clouds.

I suspect that the heating system must be really robust, because even when I take deep puffs, vapor is still produces. Many other vapes are finicky with your puff technique because fast/deep puffs cause the temperature of the heating chamber to drop below vaporization temperatures. The heating system must precisely add just the right amount of heat while you are puffing to get consistent clouds.

The all-glass vapor path really makes a difference for taste. With my herb of choice, aka Jack Herrer, I could taste the subtle piney aromas with absolutely no plastic-chemical-like "new vaporizer smell" common in other vapes.

The Swagger Barrel hydratube really does add a new dimension of fun to vaping. It does a great job of cooling the vapor, and also allows you to take concentrated THICK RIPS.

At this price ($549+), can't they afford to add thicker insulation?

My chief complaint about this vape is that the top part of the heating unit gets BURNING HOT. And because you need to hold the unit while you are using the putting the hydratube on/off, and changing bowls, it becomes really annoying. It probably would only cost them less than $5 to add some thicker insulation. At this price point, a flaw like this is inexcusable. ** this issue has been remedied -- all Cloud EVOs now ship with heat insulating wristbands.

Also, the unit itself feels kinda light. They should add some heavier material to the base and/or make it wider. When you have the hydratube attached, the whole thing feels top-heavy and fragile. This vape is NOT suitable for passing around with a group of friends.

No temperature settings or digital readout, just a knob

I would also like for there to be some kind of temperature setting. I had to figure out the optimal knob setting thru trial and error. If you set it too hot, your herbs will turn black. If you set it too cold, you won't get any vapor.

I've discovered that somewhere around 2:00 o'clock gets the best results for me, although YMMV.

Works with wax / concentrates as well

If you buy the VapeXNail attachment, and crank the temperature knob all the way up to the 5:00 o'clock setting, it is supposed to work with wax / concentrates, although I have not tried this feature yet.

Temperature Settings and Controls


  • Heating design is pure convection, so herb is only being cooked when you take a puff. It is so easy to get THICK CLOUDS.
  • All-glass vapor pathway makes a difference. Flavor is very clean and tasty.
  • The HydraTube is so fun and awesome. It cools down the vapor significantly, and allows you take concentrated rips.
  • It works with concentrates like wax and oil if you buy the VapeXNail adapter and crank the temperature knob to the max temp (no torch necessary).
  • The EZ LOAD Bowl "bullets" make it easy to load herbs and clean up.
  • The glass joint of the heating unit is a standard diameter of 18.8mm, so it is compatible with your existing 18.8m joint glassware.
  • Made in USA.


  • There are no preset heat settings or temperature display. You have to experiment with the temperature knob to see what works best for you.
  • The Cloud EVO + Hydratube retails for $549 (this costs more than the Volcano Classic). This is one of the most expensive vaporizers on the market.
  • The main unit is very lightweight, so it feels like it is easy to tip over, especially since the power cord is very thick and stiff, and the HydraTube makes the whole setup very top-heavy.
  • Even with the new wristbands, the top of the unit still gets uncomfortably warm.

Overall Rating: A-

Conclusion: This is one of the funnest vapes to use, thanks to the hydratube. It is really innovative and produces exceptional quality vapor, but it also has some easily fixable flaws. I hope that future revisions have improved heat insulation at the top, and a more heavy and stable base.

Reviewed by: JW on June 3, 2014

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