Indica Vaporizer Review: B

I got the Indica Vaporizer (by because they were having a big sale on Massdrop. Long story short, it is a very functional and stealthy vape, but in my opinion, I feel like they prioritized stylishness over functionality. It is stealthy and stylish, but the vapor quality has a metallic taste (for obvious reasons) and I think the heating design could be more robust.

What's included?

It arrived in a great looking wooden box with a bunch of goodies. My first impression of the Indica was very high. It is very hefty and feels like a very high quality device.

The size is bigger than a typical lighter. It is bigger, fatter, and heavier than a lighter, but it still conceals very well in the palm of your hand.

This is great for stealth since no one will bat an eye if they see you in public walking around with a lighter in your hand.

The heating chamber is on the back side, and you need to slide off the oven cover to fill it with herb.

The herb chamber is quite big, and it is rectangular and made of metal. This is a conduction heating vaporizer (like the Pax), so you must pack the chamber tightly to get good results.

They include a metal spacer if you don't want to fill the chamber completely. Just fill it halfway and then put in the spacer.

Once you pack the herb chamber, you turn on the Indica by holding down the the LED button for 3 seconds. This will turn on the vaporizer. Then you press the LED again to toggle thru the different temperature settings.

The LED will change color to indicate which temperature setting is selected:

  • Cyan - 340 F
  • Blue - 358 F
  • Green - 376 F
  • Purple - 394 F
  • Red - 412 F

For me, I got the best results with Purple.

The battery life is very good. A full charge lasts for over 1 hour of vaping time. I also really like how they used a micro-USB port on the base of the Indica2. It is well integrated.


  • Very small, concealable, and stealthy form factor.
  • 5 temperature settings ranging from 340F to 412F.
  • Fit and finish is very hefty, solid, and high quality.
  • Battery life lasts over an hour.


  • Vapor quality is not the tastiest. For obvious reasons, vapor has a metallic taste.
  • Slow, gradual puffs are required to get thick clouds. I'm guessing that the heater is not robust enough to maintain the temperature when you take fast puffs.
  • Conduction based heating design, so cooks your herb even when you are not taking a puff.
  • What's the point of making it into the shape of a lighter?

Conclusion: The Indica competes with other stealthy pocket-sized portables like the Pax and Magic Flight Launch Box. It's stylish and stealthy, but you should only buy this if you are looking a vape that's easy to carry around and use in public.

If vapor quality in a pocket-sized vaporizer is what you are looking for, I would look somewhere else, like the Davinci Ascent.

Reviewed by JW on July 18, 2014

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