Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen Review: A-

dr dabber pen

This is the Dr. Dabber Ghost vaporizer pen, the flagship product by DrDabber.com. At first glance, it looks exactly like other vaporizer pens you’ve seen — but the Dr. Dabber has some features, build quality differences, and improvements over the rest.



First off, let’s start with aesthetics. Coming in at 5 inches long and a half inch wide, the Dr. Dabber pen looks great and sleek. I liked the fact that the pen has a matte, rubbery texture all around it as it gives it a good grip in the hand, and the chrome accents are real metal and feel solid. The weight is hefty enough to feel comfortable in the hand and not slip out. Just by feeling it, you can tell it could withstand some damage and some accidental drops onto the ground.


Build Quality:

Coming in at only 3 simple parts, the build quality of the Dr. Dabber Ghost is what separates it from the rest of very similar pens made by competing brands. Dr. Dabber points out that the coil/atomizer on the Dr. Dabber Ghost is made out of titanium versus the usual nichrome metal typically used in most comparable pens. The fact that it’s titanium allows for heating at a low, steady temperature which prevents burning, and also preserves the flavor and quality of your vapor.


The Dr. Dabber Ghost comes with 2 total coils, one lasting 1-2 months with regular use. For me, the coil did indeed last about a month and a half until I replaced it with the extra that it came with. Extra coils will set you back $18 each depending on where you purchase it. The wick in the coil is made of glass fiber, and the chamber is ceramic — all for achieving the cleanest vapor possible. The coil chamber can also be cleaned and submerged in alcohol. I cleaned mine every two weeks to maintain the integrity of the vapor flavor.


The Dr. Dabber Ghost’s battery unit is long-lasting as it lasts for what I found to be around 200-250 full draws. And by full draw I mean a 10 second draw. The battery takes about 2 hours to fully recharge and can’t be used while recharging as the USB charger that it comes with, screws into the top of the battery unit’s threading at the top (as you can see above).


Vapor Quality and Ease of Use:

I found the vapor from the Dr. Dabber Ghost to be similar to other vaporizer pens, but the slight difference being that I haven’t run into any charring or burning as much or as quickly. Even with the lower, steady heat that the Ghost provides, I was still able to vape as large a cloud as I wanted. It has a 5-click button locking system so it’ll prevent accidental usage (same as locking/unlocking one’s phone). So 5 quick, consecutive clicks to unlock, and the same to lock it. The total of one button keeps things simple and easy to use.

loading coil

To load the chamber, there is no “burn-off” necessary as the wick and coil are ready to go. You would take the loading tool provided and place the concentrate of choice (in this case, shatter) and place it directly onto the wick and coil. I’d press the button 1-2 seconds to heat the coil while placing the concentrate onto it, which helps melt it down and lets it soak into the wick fiber. The chamber can carry quite a bit of concentrate and the more you load, the more potent the vapor is.

To draw, hold down the button to heat the coil, and take your draw. Drawing/inhaling with the Dr. Dabber is not too hard on the lungs, slow and steady is the way to go. The maximum length of a draw is limited to 10 seconds as the Dr. Dabber Ghost has a 10-second auto-shut off timer. So even if you’re holding down the button for longer, the button will blink after 10 seconds signifying that it is turning off. This prevents over-heating.


Eventually, the majority of the concentrates will drip down and settle on the bottom of the chamber, but no worries — the heat within the ceramic lined chamber will still vaporize the concentrate. I found myself flipping the pen upside down and heating the coil for a few seconds made the concentrate drip back down onto the wick so I can get extra-potent hits.

whats included

Above is what comes with the Dr. Dabber Ghost. The concentrates container is a shatter-proof silicone ball that you can contain your concentrates within on the go. Just to note, the USB charger does NOT include an AC adapter that you can plug directly into a wall.


Overall, I’m fairly impressed with the Dr. Dabber Ghost’s performance. I like the size, the sleek aesthetics, and most importantly, the vapor quality. I’ve run into very minimal charring or burning vapor taste, and with regular maintenance such as cleaning the chamber in alcohol, that should solve that problem. With the retail price hovering around $80, I’d say this is a good investment into a concentrates vaporizer pen. This is currently my go-to pen for concentrates. The quality and performance is there, as are the looks and simplicity.


  • Great aesthetics and packaging
  • Good feel and weight in the hand
  • Great glass fiber wick and titanium coil performance
  • Rare charring and burning if maintained
  • Long 200-250 draw battery life



  • Repeated full 10-second draws gets the chamber a little hot (during those sharing sessions)
  • Can’t be used while it’s recharging
  • Needs a cap for the mouthpiece for sanitary purposes and to be discreet on the smell of the concentrates
  • Doesn’t come with an AC adapter for the USB charger

Reviewed by Brent K on August 7, 2015

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