Dipstick Wax Pen Review: A-

This is the revolutionary new Dipstick vaporizer pen. It’s the first of its kind, and it’s more like a portable dabber versus an actual “vaporizer”.

If you’re into concentrates and dabbing, this just might change the way you dab. Everything above is all you need to dab on the go, minus the small glass jar with concentrates you’ll be dipping this pen directly into.


First off, this is a high-quality piece with a high price tag to match. It looks great, it’s sleek, and its full metal body feels great and hefty in the hand. This thing is built like a tank, and you can just tell by feeling it that it’s really durable. It’s 6.25 inches long and 1 inch wide. It also comes in stainless steel, versus the all-black I have above.

Build Quality:

The Dipstick clearly went through a well thought out design phase — it breaks down into individual parts very simply, and it’s very user-friendly.

Pieces such as the mouthpiece are magnetic, so if you find yourself having to break down your dipstick to replace batteries or reclaim concentrate out of it’s “stem” vapor-tube, you can simply pop off the mouthpiece and stick it anywhere onto the Dipstick’s full metal body so you won’t lose it. Same goes for the magnetic cap that covers the Dipstick’s medical-grade ceramic tip and heavy-duty nickel-plated coil. This isn’t some small vape pen coil — this is large, and in charge!

There’s not much heat-up time for the coil and tip as the ceramic tip literally glows red hot within a few seconds of pressing down the one and only button that exists on the Dipstick — keeping dab hits simple and quick. No more torches, no more dabbing tools, just the Dipstick is now required.

Vapor Quality and Ease of Use:

The key difference and innovation of how to use the Dipstick is that all you do is simply dip the tip directly into your concentrate of choice. You draw and inhale from the other end of the Dipstick where the mouthpiece is and you can take as long or short of a draw as you want. You’re not limited by anything such as chamber concentrates or having to reload anything. The only thing that would limit you is the 10-second maximum that you can heat the tip for. This prevents overheating. The magnetic tip cover really comes in handy after using the Dipstick as the tip gets extremely hot and dangerous to be left sitting around or when you have the Dipstick hanging around your neck attached to the neck lanyard it comes with.

In the example above, I only have a tiny bit of concentrate that I transferred over to one of the neat little glass jars that the Dipstick comes with. But as you can imagine — you can fill that baby up to the brim with your concentrate of choice. For me, I’ve used both wax and shatter with good results. To use it, you press and hold down the button to heat the coil at the tip, then dip the the tip directly into your concentrates. The ceramic tip should be touching the concentrate, and you’ll see it vaporize as the heat of the coil comes near it. I found slow, steady draws to be the most effective as the coil can lose heat the harder you inhale. The process wasn’t messy or sticky or tedious in anyway. I whip out my little jar of concentrates, in this case some Blue Dream shatter, and whilst pressing one button — I was able to rip a cloud. While the Dipstick is not in use, it has a lock feature which can be engaged by pressing the button 5, quick, consecutive, times. To unlock the Dipstick, do the same.

To reclaim concentrate, you’ll need to tediously scrape concentrate out of the air tube/vapor chamber. I personally enjoy these kinds of processes, but for some it may be a drag. The Dipstick comes with two cleaning swabs in case you choose not to reclaim.


Basically, this is now my main piece for dabbing. I can’t help it — it just eliminates so many of the traditional steps that I almost can’t justify not using it. It’s definitely a time-saver. The coils and tips are holding up great, and it’s been 2 months of regular use and I still haven’t had to switch out the one it came with yet. However, I’ve been cleaning the tip and coil with an alcohol soaked Q-tip every week to maintain it so that might be making a difference. With the sky-high price of the Dipstick though (currently $249.99) the tip and coils should hold up as well as they are. So far, it’s been worth the money and has been working well. Either way, it comes with a pretty unheard of 3 year warranty which just might barely justify the hefty price tag. In my opinion, $200 would be a better price especially since there is no current competitor to the Dipstick (as of June 2015). It’s the first of its kind. Also, if you happen to lose a part or break any part of the Dipstick, you can order any single, separate part that makes up the Dipstick from the Dipstick’s website, thedipstick.com.


  • Great aesthetics and packaging
  • Good feel and weight in the hand
  • Great heating and coil performance
  • Super simple and convenient method of use
  • Durable and well designed for ease
  • Long battery life
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Every part is replaceable


  • The price ($249.99)

Reviewed by Brent K. on June 30, 2015

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