Magic Flight Launch Box 2014 Review: B-

The Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB) comprises of a wooden block with a hollowed out heating chamber that is covered by a swiveling acrylic lid. For it's power source, it uses included AA rechargeable batteries + NiMh battery charger. The heating chamber contains a mesh screen that heats up to approximately ~400F.

The 2014 edition reviewed here contains the "click-lock lid," meaning that the acrylic lid lightly snaps shut so that the herb doesn't accidentally fall out while in your pocket etc.

Even though it looks like it was made in high-school shop class, the functionality is surprisingly good.

How to use?

The acrylic screen swivels open to expose the chamber. Load herbs onto the metal mesh. The manual advises using herb that is finely ground. Be careful not to damage the metal mesh inside the chamber. Close the acrylic screen and it lightly snaps shut.

The MFLB is turned on by inserting the (+) nipple end of the AA battery into the wood box. A glowing light within the heating chamber tells you that the device is on. The warmup time is extremely quick, reaching ~400F in less than 5 seconds. The heat signature is very even and consistent, which is impressive for such a small and low-tech device.

Magic Flight Launch Box FLIR heat signature

For those who like to be able to set the heat to an exact temperature setting, the MFLB is not for you. There are no temperature settings. Your only choice is 400F+!

If you hold down the battery for an additional 10 to 15 seconds after reaching 400F, the temperature jumps to a maximum of ~421F+.

Magic Flight maximum temperature

Included is an optional glass straw that you poke into the wood box to inhale the vapors. I found the glass straw to be clunky to use, so I tried inhaled with my lips directly on the wood. However, inhaling it with my lips on the wood was tricky because the vapor was slightly too hot. The MFLB takes some practice with your technique to get used to.

Battery life could be better

Each battery’s charge holds for about a dozen hits. IMO, however, I think the battery life is not that good for a portable vaporizer. I would like to see future iterations of the Magic Flight improve their battery life.

There is also a brush for cleaning the metal mesh heating chamber. But be careful not to damage the mesh heating wires. They seem fragile.

Usage Tips

  • The manual suggests using an herb grinder to grind your herb down to the size of salt grains.
  • Learning the right vaping technique is very important to avoid combustion or charring your herb. Fortunately, the user-manual is very helpful in teaching you the correct technique.
  • Because this is a conduction (thx: ADHH) heating chamber, it is best if you shake the MFLB every few hits (thx: Elfeed) to make sure that fresh herb can come in contact with the heating mesh and to avoid charring.
  • When not using the AA NiMh batteries, remember to put the included protective insulative caps on the (+) positive nipple ends to prevent any electrical shorts or electrocution.


  • The heating chamber heats up to ~400F within ~5 seconds. This is one of the fastest vapes (if not THE fastest) on the market.
  • FLIR thermography shows that the heating chamber has a very even heat signature.
  • Price is very affordable.
  • Instruction manual is very good.
  • Easy to load herbs and discard spent herbs because the heating chamber is so big and accessible.
  • Fit and finish of the woodwork is very nice.
  • The new click-lock lid in the 2014 model is a nice feature.
  • Limited lifetime warranty!
  • Made in USA.


  • The usage of AA batteries that are stripped of their exterior insulation feels dangerous. Even the manual warns not to let metal conductors touch the exposed terminals.
  • Batteries drain quickly (after about ~20+ puffs), so bring the charger along for extended trips.
  • There are no temperature settings---only ~400F+
  • Technique is very important with the MFLB to avoid charring your herb.
  • The glass straw used for inhaling seems fragile and clunky. Consequently, I thought that the vapor temperature without the straw was occasionally uncomfortably hot. It takes some practice to get your vaping technique correct.

Overall Rating: B-

Conclusion: The Magic Flight, while not perfect, gets the job done at a really good price. I recommend the MFLB if you are on a tight budget. Otherwise, if you are willing to spend more money, I would spend a few extra dollars and get an Arizer Solo, which often goes on sale for below MSRP.

Reviewed by: JW on March 15, 2014

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