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September 23, 2014

10 Interesting Facts about Medical Marijuana

October 07, 2014

Medical cannabis or medical marijuana are being used in medical therapy to treat some specific diseases or ease symptoms. The plant has a history of medicinal use for over thousands of years. However, it has become very controversial in recent times. As the debate continues over the use of marijuana in medical or recreation purpose, here are 10 interesting facts to know about the drug.

  1. Historians believe that Cannabis or marijuana was used in Taiwan about 10,000 years ago. The medical use of marijuana is believed to be a very early development, as ancient people used hemp seed as food.
  2. Cannabis or marijuana is one of the 50 fundamental herbs in traditional Chinese medicine.
  3. Marijuana is used to reduce nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy and people with AIDS. It helps in treating pain and muscle spasticity too.
  4. Medical marijuana can be administered using a variety of methods such as vaporizing or smoking dried buds, eating extracts, taking capsules or using oral sprays.
  5. Medical use of Marijuana is legal in Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and 23 states in the US apart from Washington, D.C. In the United States, only Colorado and Washington have allowed the use of recreational marijuana. However, all types of marijuana use is prohibited under federal law of the US.
  6. Marijuana vaporizers are gaining popularity, as it is believed that less harmful chemicals are ingested when components are inhaled rather than smoke.
  7. Cannabis indica, which produces a high level of cannabidiol (CBD) is often preferred for night time use because of its sedative nature. It is also used for treatment of insomnia.
  8. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US, has approved two oral cannabinoids for use as medicine: dronabinol and nabilone.
  9. The National Institutes of Health holds a US patent for medical marijuana. The patent issued in 2003, is entitled "Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants".
  10. Medical marijuana has been proposed as having the potential for lessening the effects of Alzheimer's disease.

Calls for legalization of Marijuana in California

October 06, 2014

The Marijuana Policy Project, a national marijuana advocacy group, began the process of raising money in order to launch a strong campaign to legalize recreational marijuana in California in 2016. The MPP has filed paperwork with the California Secretary of State's office. The move is on the lines of initiatives taken by Colorado and Washington in 2012.

California is the leading state in the United States to produce illegal marijuana. The medical marijuana industry remains unregulated for years. Although California is one of the 21 states that allow medical marijuana, the drug remains illegal here under federal law. The Marijuana Policy Project believes that prohibition of recreational marijuana, has an adverse impact on the communities in California. It believes that marijuana must be allowed to be used just like alcohol and should not be treated as a criminal offense.

The group, which has its base in Washington D.C. has also established campaign committees to start the legalization process in Arizona, Massachusetts and Nevada apart from California. The aim is to legalize marijuana in these states in 2016. It can be noted that voters in Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia will take a call on legalization of marijuana in November 2014.

This is not the first time California will witness such a situation. In 2010, the voters in this state had rejected a ballot initiative, which sought to legalize recreational marijuana. The state had allowed medical marijuana way back in 1996, but the medical marijuana users and other growers of pot, have been resisting any move to legalize its recreational use, apprehending a surge in its prices.

As the campaign in California has just begun and the state has two long years to take a decision, the Marijuana Policy Project is hopeful of building a consensus or at least majority of opinion in favor of recreational marijuana use. The Drug Policy Alliance, another group, which is expected to play a major role in this campaign, has estimated the cost of total campaign at $8 million to $12 million.

Philadelphia allows Possession of 30gm Marijuana

October 03, 2014

In a historic development, Mayor Michael Nutter signed the legislation on Wednesday, making Philadelphia the biggest city in the United States to decriminalize marijuana. The law, which becomes effective from October 20, will allow possession of 30 grams or less of marijuana, which was earlier a criminal offense. Going forward, it will be just a civil offense.

Not to be confused, the new legislation does not legalize pot in Philadelphia. It just reduces penalties stemming from possession and public use to small fines and community service. Possession of more than 30 grams of marijuana, will lead to arrest and warrant criminal proceedings.

People can still be arrested for failing to show ID cards when caught with marijuana. Those possessing 30 grams or less of marijuana will be fined $25. People, caught smoking in public will be cited and fined $100. If they fail to pay the fine, they will have to perform nine hours of community service. The existing law in Philadelphia punishes any marijuana possession with at least a $200 fine, a drug abuse course and an arrest record, which won't be the case from October 20.

The city has also decided to launch an outreach campaign to educate people about the new law. The law was announced last month after reaching a compromise on several clauses and amendments proposed earlier. City Councilman James Kenney, who is also the sponsor of the bill, hailed the new legislation, saying it will address various issues such as disproportionate marijuana arrests in the African-American community. He expressed confidence that it will help in curbing criminal activities and increase job opportunities.

At the same time, neither Michael Nutter nor James Kenney advocated the use of marijuana. But, they agreed that the new legislation will protect the kids and young people from any danger and help them move on while recovering from the trauma. Kenney believes that the people's lives should not be allowed to get screwed up because of a mistake they make at young age. Philadelphia will make sure to spread the right message among the people that excessive use of marijuana still remains punishable under the criminal law and any conviction may have serious consequences for them.

Philadelphia's move is seen as a great step towards changing the lives of people at a time when the District of Columbia's decriminalization efforts were held up due to the legal tangles. In the United States, only Colorado and Washington states have passed laws legalizing the cultivation, sale and recreational marijuana.

Legalization vs Misuse of Marijuana Law

October 01, 2014

Even though Marijuana is legalized under the Colorado law, the citizens may not have the right to use it at will. It became evident when the Supreme Court considers a case to determine what employment protections marijuana users have. The court will rule whether somebody, who uses marijuana in off-duty hours can be fired by the employer or not.

The employers in Colorado have adopted a zero-tolerance drug policy. However, Brandon Coats, a quadriplegic, has challenged the decision of his employer Dish Network, which fired him four years ago after failing a drug test. Coats contends that he has been using medical marijuana since 2009 as prescribed by the doctors. Thus, he cannot be held guilty for using the drug during off-duty hours.

Coats says that he only used marijuana during off-duty hours and never took it at work. His lawyers produced the documents to prove his medical status and argued that the use of medical marijuana in Coats' case should be treated like alcohol or any other legal substance. They further claim that Colorado's Lawful Activities Statute protects employees from being punished for legal, off-duty behavior.

Lawyers of Dish Network and the state of Colorado argue that the use of marijuana - whether medical or recreational, remains illegal under the federal law. The state's court had ruled in favor of Dish Network in 2013, which forced Coats to move the Supreme Court.

Many independent observers believe that the Supreme Court will uphold the ruling given by the state court and rule against Coats. They cite the examples of Supreme Court ruling in four other states - California, Montana, Oregon and Washington where the fired employees had failed to get any relief.

Currently, 23 states in the United States, including the District of Columbia, have legalized medical marijuana, while Colorado and Washington have legalized it for recreational use. However, all eyes are now on the Colorado Supreme Court whose ruling may have far-reaching consequences in the months to come.

Medical Marijuana may gain entry into Texas

September 25, 2014

At a time when we witness reforms in marijuana law in most states, a huge debate has taken place in Texas whether medical marijuana should be allowed there or not. The local and state political groups have mixed thoughts over the issue. There are many groups such as the Sheriff’s Association of Texas Legislative Committee, which have strongly opposed any move to change the Texas marijuana laws.

Denton County Sheriff Will Travis, while talking to a leading newspaper on July 29, had vowed not to allow any changes to the existing laws. He categorically said that the Texas sheriffs will firmly oppose the legalization of marijuana and send a clear message to the Legislature. "It's high time we protect the children and families of Texas from any attempt to legalize marijuana," he said.

On the other hand, the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws (NORML), has batted for the legalization of marijuana with the argument that many epileptic kids may get benefits from medical marijuana. The NORML is working hard to mobilize political opinion to end prohibition of marijuana in Texas. The organization is trying to rope in more number of senators to propose pro-marijuana bills for 2015.

There is little doubt that the public opinion towards use of marijuana has changed significantly in the last few years. As many as 23 states in the US have so far legalized marijuana for medical purpose with riders. Colorado and Washington have already legalized marijuana for recreational use. But, they have kept the minimum age of the marijuana users at 21 or above.

It seems the public opinion in Texas is in favor of legalization of marijuana. As per the Public Policy Polling published in October 2013, 58 percent of Texans were found supporting legalization of marijuana for adults and sought alcohol-like regulation for it. Even 61 percent of people backed decriminalizing marijuana possession. With the rising public support and changing perceptions within the political fraternity, the day is not too far when Texas may decide to take the plunge to legalize medical marijuana.

5 Interesting Facts on Marijuana Policy in Colorado

September 22, 2014

Like many other states in the United States, Colorado too has different set of laws and guidelines for the use of marijuana, which has been streamlined under Colorado Amendment 64. The law passed on November 6, 2012, addresses "personal use and regulation of marijuana" for adults of 21 and above. The law also covers commercial cultivation, manufacture, and sale of marijuana in Colorado.

Here are some interesting facts about Marijuana Policy in Colorado:

1) Adults of 21 and above can grow up to six cannabis plants (with no more than half being mature flowering plants) privately in a locked space. Marijuana is produced from cannabis. They legally possess all cannabis from the plants as long they stay at the same place.

2) Consumption of marijuana is in accordance with the law that permits the use of alcohol. Marijuana is not permissible at places as per the Colorado law.

3) The citizens of 21 and above can possess only one ounce of marijuana during the travel. They can also give as a gift up to one ounce of marijuana to other citizens of same age group.

4) Visitors and tourists in Colorado can purchase and use marijuana, but they cannot it take it out of the state. Marijuana is prohibited at the Denver International Airport.

5) As per the Amendment 20 passed on November 7, 2000, approved patients with written medical consent can possess up to 2 ounces of medical cannabis. They can also cultivate no more than six cannabis plants.

Laser Etched Magic Flight Launch Box $85 @ Massdrop

July 18, 2014

Massdrop is running a big sale on the Laser Etched Magic Flight Launch Box -- no coupon codes necessary -- for $85 SHIPPED. California buyers may have to pay sales tax.

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The MFLB is one of the best-selling budget vaporizers of all time. It is conduction based and fits in your pocket (see my full review here).

This package includes:
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New Review of the Indica Vaporizer (Rated: B+)

July 17, 2014

I have posted my latest review of the Indica Vaporizer that I bought off Massdrop a few weeks ago.

Arizer Solo on Sale for $124 @ Massdrop (Free Shipping)

July 12, 2014

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I highly recommend the Arizer Solo, giving it an A rating (see my full review here). And at $124 it is one of the best and one of the most affordable vapes.

Bloomberg: NY becomes 23rd state to allow medical marijuana

July 07, 2014

A major victory for MMJ and for vaping!

"ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York is now the 23rd state in the country to authorize marijuana as a medical treatment — though the state will have one of the more restrictive programs in the U.S.

Under legislation signed into law on Saturday by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, patients with one of 10 diseases will be able to obtain non-smokeable versions of the drug.

Instead, the drug must be ingested or administered through a vaporizer or oil base."

See the full article at Businessweek.

Herbalizer Vaporizer on Sale @ Massdrop

July 06, 2014

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Berkeley City Council's Proposed e-Cigarette Ban May Include Cannabis Vaporizers

July 02, 2014

Dale Gieringer of California NORML passed along this important message:

"The Berkeley City Council will be hearing an ordinance restricting the use of e-cigarettes this July 8th.  Cal NORML is concerned that e-cigs are defined in such a way as to include cannabis vaporizers. The proposal would disallow use of e-cigs wherever smoking is banned, with the exception of apartment units.

The city's report fails to recognize the health benefits of vaporizers for medical marijuana patients, or for tobacco smokers in general.  Attached is our testimony.

Advocates for vaporization are encouraged to make their views known to the city."

City Council Item #1:

City Counril Item #2:

DaVinci Ascent vs Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer Comparison

July 01, 2014

Pinnacle Pro vs Davinci Ascent

Both the Da Vinci Ascent and Pinnacle Pro by Vaporblunt are very nice portable vapes. You can't really go wrong with either one, but without a doubt, the Ascent has better vapor quality thanks to its glass vapor path.

If these two vaporizers were the same price, I would choose the Ascent.

Reasons why the Ascent is better than the Pinnacle Pro

  • Ascent has a glass vapor path for cleaner flavor. The Pinnacle Pro's vapor path is plastic.
  • Vapor is cooler on the Ascent, since the vapor path spans the entire device. On the Pinnacle Pro, vapor is hotter because the vapor path is very short (the mouthpiece is right next to the heating chamber).
  • The Ascent feels more solid, hefty, and high quality. Pinnacle Pro feels lightweight and plastic.
  • Better temperature control settings on the Ascent.
  • From my experience, it feels like the Ascent has better battery life.

Reasons why the Pinnacle Pro is better than the Ascent

  • The bullet loading system of the Pinnacle Pro is very convenient. The Ascent is a little more clumsy to load.
  • The Pinnacle Pro is skinnier, lighter, and conceals better in your palm for stealth hits.
  • Some people may actually like the hot vapor of the Pinnacle Pro, because it feels more like conventional smoking.
  • Pinnacle Pro is compatible with the optional water filtration hydratube.
  • Pinnacle Pro is cheaper by about $70.

Preview of the VapeXNail for Use with Wax Concentrate

July 01, 2014

I have been playing around with the VapeXNail, which allows you to use the Cloud EVO with concentrates like waxes.

As you can see, the temperatures in the VapeXNail get WHITE HOT!! It is so hot that even my thermal camera cannot record the exact temperature.

Wax is becoming more and more popular, and many people will be happy to know about this new way to consume wax without a cumbersome butane torch, titanium nail, and dab rig.

The full review will be coming in the next few weeks.