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2 Women arrested for giving Marijuana to 3 Young Kids

August 31, 2018

Police arrested two women on child abuse charges after a Facebook video showed three young children smoking what appeared to be marijuana.

Winston-Salem police arrested the women, identified as 21-year-old Michaela Pearson and 18-year-old Candice Little, were arrested Tuesday after learning that they had provided the illegal substance to the young children, ages 18 months, 2 years and 3 years.

Both Michaela Pearson and Candice Little have been charged with felony child abuse and three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Pearson and Little are being held on $150,000 secured bonds. The children were taken to a local hospital where they are being treated. The video has shocked the community, including the children's mother.

Mother of one of the children, who didn't want to share her name or face alleging that she's been getting death threats, says she trusted Person and Little to watch her children.

When she first saw the video, she says she asked the women why they allegedly did this.

"She didn't have no answer for me. And in a way, OK, yeah, it might be my fault because I did just leave my kids in there going back and forth, but still, it's a common-sense thing," the mother said.

She says one of the babysitters is her friend, and the woman has apologized for what allegedly happened.

Michigan advances toward Medical Marijuana Home Delivery

August 30, 2018

The registered marijuana patients in Michigan are soon to get the medical marijuana at their doorpost. The licensed shops will begin home deliveries of marijuana through an online ordering system.

The Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation has proposed a rule recently that would allow the marijuana shop owners to begin the home delivery service. As per the current emergency rules there are no home delivery services.

Andrew Brisbo, director for the Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation, said,  “The rule is in line with the goal of the state’s emerging medical marijuana industry to provide safe access to patients, especially those who do not live close to a provisioning center, said

“This isn’t a brand new issue,” Brisbo said. “We heard about it even during the promulgation of the emergency rules.”

However, a public hearing on the proposed rules is expected to happen in September while the guidelines put in place by the end of the year.

As per the proposal, an employee of a provisioning center will deliver medical marijuana to only three patients in any given trip. Beside, limit the quantity delivered to daily or monthly limits.

Only the patients are allowed to receive the home delivery and not the caregivers. They would be able to pay with credit card online or with cash upon delivery.

The provisioning center also must keep a log in the statewide monitoring system indicating when a home delivery left the center, its destination and when it returned. Drivers must keep similar documentation on them while making the delivery.

If the proposed rule is approved, Michigan will be fourth state in USA after California, Oregon and Nevada to have similar policies.

Folsom Police arrests 3 people for having Illegal Marijuana Grow House

August 27, 2018

Folsom police in Sacramento County Saturday arrested three persons including a woman allegedly for having an illegal marijuana grow house and stealing electricity.

The arrested trio has been identified as Tao Zheng, 27; Guoye Jiang, 33; and Guomin Jiang, 31, residents of Folsom residents.

According to a news release issued by the Folsom Police Department, police detectives along with the Special Investigations Unit conducted a raid at a home in the 700 block of Winscombe Court acting on a search warrant for a suspected commercial marijuana growing operation, which was in violation of city codes and state law.

The raid led to the arrest of the trio. Besides, 528 marijuana plants and and roughly five pounds of dried marijuana were also recovered from the spot.

The release further revealed that electricity was being obtained illegally and, as a result, the home was receiving more than 20 times the amount of electricity a normal home uses.

Police said that the electrical modifications were not in compliance with electrical building codes.

All of them have been booked into the Sacramento County Jail. They are being held in the jail without bail, according to the jail inmate records.

Task Force shuts down Marijuana Dispensary in Jurupa Valley

August 26, 2018

An unlicensed dispensary in Jurupa Valley has been shut down by the new marijuana task force which has been created by the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office.

According to reports, the marijuana task force issued its first search warrant and shut down the dispensary that was operating out of a modular trailer on a dirt lot.

The unlicensed dispensary had been advertising on marijuana-related websites as the Mission and 35 CAP.

According to a DA’s news release, the marijuana task force seized several pounds of cannabis including THC pods, edibles, paraphernalia, wax and vape cartridges from illegal dispensary.

The marijuana task force also detained many people from the spot during the raid; however, none of them were arrested as the investigation is still going on.

From an online search the marijuana task force came to know about another location for 35 CAP in the 5500 block of Mission Boulevard.

The Hemet Police Department is one of the partners of the Cannabis Regulation Task Force.

The Riverside County District Attorney’s Office has formed the marijuana task force with the main objective to ensure fair business practices and keep crime out of the legal cannabis industry in the county and its communities.

Have A Heart becomes 1st Unionized Marijuana Shop in Washington

August 25, 2018

Have A Heart became the first unionized retail store in Washington after it Friday signed a collective bargaining agreement with United Food and Commercial Workers Local 21, covering it’s 134 retail shop employees at its five locations.

With this, Have A Heart also became one of the largest unionization expansions for any pot company in Washington’s six-year legal marijuana industry.

The workers of the marijuana industry will now receive healthcare benefits, maternal and paternal paid time off, retirement benefits, and new rights surrounding discipline and firings.

According to Ryan Kunkel, one of the owners of Have A Heart, the pot industry had been trying to expand benefits for his workers for years. However, the federal government’s restriction on legal pot companies taking deductions from their federal tax returns has made that impossible.

But now we can expand those benefits after joining the large union, added Kunkel.

“We’ve been trying to figure out how to get these guys healthcare, pensions and benefits. Mathematically we couldn’t figure it out, there was no way to do it internally, not right now,” Kunkel said. “So that was the main driver for teaming up with them. Beyond all of the practical organized labor benefits, you have access to healthcare, pensions, and normal things that cannabis companies don’t offer.”

Florida Candidate's Bank Account closed over for supporting Medical Marijuana

August 25, 2018

Wells Fargo closed the campaign bank account of a Florida candidate for state office after discovering that she supports medical marijuana.

Wells Fargo closed the campaign bank account of Nikki Fried, a Democrat running for agriculture commissioner.

She had opened the account in June shortly after she qualified for the Cabinet race. However, within weeks, officials with the financial giant began questioning Fried and her campaign staff because of her “political platform” and her links to the marijuana industry.

Fried, who has described herself as "one of most visible faces and key activists in Florida's burgeoning medical cannabis industry,” has touted further expansion of the state’s medical marijuana program as her highest priority. Besides, she also ran a lobbying firm.

According to the New York Times, the Wells Fargo began to notice Fried, as she was advocating for expanded patient access to medical marijuana, and asked the campaign whether it was receiving money from lobbyists in the industry.

While answering to the bank’s query, the campaign said that Fried would also receive donations from "executives, employees and corporations in the medical marijuana industry." Following this, Wells Fargo issued a written notice to the campaign last week saying that it would be closing its account.

After receiving the written notice, Fried, meanwhile, has urged her supporters to consider pulling their money from the bank. She also opened a new campaign account at BB&T.

"This is absolutely unprecedented," she told the Times in a telephone interview. "I've been in this campaign since the beginning of June. Everybody in Florida knows that I'm one of the main proponents of the expansion of medical marijuana."

Medical Marijuana Ordinance passed in Ardmore

August 25, 2018

Ardmore City Commissioners passed new regulations for medical marijuana businesses unanimously Monday just four days before the state starts accepting application submissions for licenses.

As per the new ordinance, which is just an expanded version of State Question 788, which legalized medical marijuana in Oklahoma, businesses will not only have to get a license from the state but also apply for a permit from the city. They have to pay an application fee of $500 and another $2,000 for the city approved permit.

That's in addition to the $2,500 application fee the state requires.

The new ordinance also bars the residents from using marijuana on the premises of the businesses where it's sold.

The outdoor growers, as per ordinance, should plant marijuana on a field which has at least a 6 ft. tall fence around their crop, so that one doesn’t see through. Besides, it should have a locked gate.

The marijuana growers have to have specific ventilation and lighting that complies with municipal building and fire codes.

Speaking about the ordinance, Mayor Sheryl Ellis said "When we implement the ordinance with the rules and with the penalties we are simply trying to take care of the health, safety and welfare of all citizens in Ardmore.”

There's no estimate yet on how much it cost crafting the ordinance but Mayor Ellis believes the cost of fees is reasonable.

"When we instituted the fees, we instituted they are not burdensome," Mayor Ellis said. "They cover the cost of all the work, the research, time, the money, the effort (and) the legal fees in writing this ordinance."

Two People arrested for using Teen Girl in Marijuana Trade

August 19, 2018

The Merced County Sheriff’s Office took two people into custody and placed a 15-year-old girl and another juvenile into the Child protective services (CPS) custody after finding 12 large marijuana plants in their backyard, that were in a makeshift green house.

According to a news release issued by the deputies, they conducted a search warrant at a home in the 15000 block of Roseann Court in Delhi Friday and confiscated and eradicated large marijuana plants, packaged marijuana, marijuana edibles a loaded AK-47 firearm and other items Friday.

Delhi residents Jose Reyes Martinez, 44, and Norma Angelica Alvarez, 44, were also arrested during the search.

While interrogating the duo, the authorities also learned that a 15-year-old daughter in the home was given marijuana by her mother to use and sell from the teen’s bedroom.

Packaged marijuana for sale, marijuana edibles and other items associated with illegal sale and use of marijuana.

Jail records revealed that Martinez was booked into Merced County Jail on suspicion of marijuana crimes, possessing an assault weapon and assault on a child with a $591,000 bond, while Alvarez was booked into Merced County Jail on suspicion of marijuana crimes and child endangerment with a $151,000 bond.

Apart from raid on the Delhi home, the deputies also carried out searches at seven other locations throughout Merced County Friday, and located a total of 180 pounds of processed marijuana, 348 plants and four firearms.

As many as 77 firearms connected to marijuana investigations from 125 locations have been confiscated by the deputies over the last 10 months.

Face of Medical Marijuana Amelia Weaver dies

August 19, 2018

Hibbing girl Amelia Weaver, the face of the medical marijuana movement in Minnesota, died this week. She was 12.

Amelia’s parents had started the campaign for medical marijuana in Minnesota as she was fighting with a rare form of epilepsy.

The Weavers helped shape Minnesota's medical cannabis law, which went into effect in 2015. 

Amelia's mother, Angie, called her "Warrior Amelia." She had Dravet Sydrome, which is a severe form of epilepsy. Before the medical marijuana, Amelia would have 30-50 seizures a day.

"What Pamelia has gone through, her suffering, no child, no one should have to go through that," Angie Weaver said in 2014. 

After Amelia’s parents found that the effects of Medicinal Cannabis were extremely positive to help control Amelia’s condition, they had considered moving to Colorado with an aim to have legal access to medical cannabis. However, they decided to try and bring a change in Minnesota first. And they were successful in their attempt.

"This means the world to our family. This is going to change my daughter's life and thousands of lives in Minnesota," Angie said at a press conference after medical marijuana was passed and signed into law by Gov. Mark Dayton on May 29, 2014.

But, the Weavers had experienced frustrating delays as the legalization didn't take effect until July 1 of the following year.

The Weavers were able to get Amelia her medicine from Leafline Labs, one of the state's two medical marijuana suppliers, as she had seizures which were one of the nine conditions with which patients could legally be prescribed marijuana.

The health condition of the 12-year-old, however, gradually worsened from this summer. Her family posted on Facebook that she was in "rough shape" on August 8 and was airlifted to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. 

Thursday night, they shared the news she had passed away, posting, "We did not take one single moment with our Amelia for granted. It was the greatest privilege of our life's to be Amelia's parents. There are no seizures in heaven sweet girl." 

The Weavers are also going to organize Amelia's celebration of life, details about which will be released later, they said.

Virginia’s 1st Medical Marijuana Dispensary coming up in Hampton

August 14, 2018

The first medical marijuana dispensary in Virginia is likely to come up in Hampton.

Hampton-based startup company Rx Native Pharmaceuticals is planning to invest $8 million to launch a medical marijuana dispensary in Hampton.

Rx Native Pharmaceuticals is seeking the conditional permit for Health District 5, as designated by the Virginia Board of Pharmacy (BOP).

District 5 comprises 24 localities, including the Peninsula, Southside, Middle Peninsula and parts of Northern Neck.

"I think it changes lives and I really want to be able to bring it to the Hampton and District 5 community," said CEO of RX Native Pharmaceuticals, Chantra Stevenson.

The Virginia Board of Pharmacy is only approving five conditional permits for medical marijuana dispensaries, one for each of the five health districts in the state.

Under the BOP requirements, an applicant has up to a year to complete and meet all necessary criteria to receive the state permit. Once a company is granted a full license, it would get an inspection and ultimately a full permit to grow marijuana plants.

If awarded, the business would grow, make and sell the medicinal cannabis oil, which doesn't contain the psychoactive components that get you high.

Besides, it is expected to bring hundreds of jobs to the city in a bid to become the first of its kind licensed in Virginia.

The Virginia Board of Pharmacy is scheduled to award an applicant by September 25. 

If Rx Native is chosen, she says they could be up and running as early as the winter of 2019.

North Charleston police arrests 4 men holding marijuana, cash

August 13, 2018

The North Charleston police busted a drug racket near the city’s Dorchester-Waylyn community and arrested four men. Besides, they found marijuana worth of nearly $110,000 and cash.

Five guns, including a military-style rifle, were also collected from the spot during the raid.

The arrested suspects have been identified as Jareem Michael Miller, 25, of Crestline Drive, Truvon Antonio Gilliard, 26, also of Crestline Drive, Lamar Amare Watson, 27, of Lambs Road and Quantez Tyre Guest, 24, of Peacock Avenue.

North Charleston Police Department spokesman Spencer Pryor said members of the Narcotics Unit, SWAT, and SPEED Team units got a warrant to search 2722 Crestline Drive as a part of an ongoing investigation.

When the crews showed up, two men ran through a side door, but officers caught them, Pryor said. The SWAT team arrested two more men inside the home.

Later, during a search in the house revealed nearly 20 pounds of marijuana that would carry a street value of about $90,000, $18,000 in cash and the guns, Pryor added. One of the handguns had an extended magazine.

Soon after the raid, police photographed the evidence after the operation.

According to cops, Miller, Gilliard and Watson have been charged with trafficking marijuana, possession of a firearm during commission of a violent crime and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

On the other hand, Guest has been charged with trafficking marijuana and possession of a firearm during commission of a violent crime.

All of them were jailed on counts of trafficking marijuana and possession of a firearm in a violent crime. The drug charge carries between one and 10 years in prison.

Marijuana sales in Denver reach record high of $587 million

August 13, 2018

Marijuana sales in Colorado’s Denver dispensaries reached a record high as they sold more than $587 million in marijuana in 2017.

According to the city’s annual report on the marijuana industry released Thursday, the retail sales totaled $377 million in Denver.

The revenue from all marijuana sales in the city grew to $44 million in 2017 which is a 20 percent increase from 2016.

In a news release, Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock said, “This new report demonstrates Denver’s coordinated approach between multiple agencies to manage marijuana is working.”

 “We took on the daunting challenge of becoming the first major city in America to manage legalized recreational marijuana and we are having success,” added the press release.

In Denver, the revenue is being used for several purposes like paying for regulation of the marijuana industry, enforcement of its laws and drug education.

A portion of the revenue is also paid for maintenance, affordable housing and opioid intervention.

The annual report on the marijuana industry also revealed that portion of statewide marijuana sales in Denver continues to fall as sale increased in other parts of Colorado.

In Denver, the marijuana sales represented 39 percent of total sales in 2017 as against 48 percent in 2014.

As per the reports, Dispensaries across Colorado sold a record of more than $ 1 billion of recreational marijuana products in 2017, a 27 percent increase from 2016. 

Post the legalization of retail sales in 2014, dispensaries across the state have sold more than $2.8 billion of recreational marijuana.

However, the sales of medical marijuana have gone down across the state compared to 2016.

Lawmakers in CNMI approve Marijuana Legalization

August 10, 2018

Legislators in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), a U.S. territory, Wednesday approved a bill to legalize marijuana.

The CNMI House of Representatives passed the legislation by a margin of 18-1, with one abstention.

The bill now heads to the House and if approved there, it would go to the desk of Gov. Ralph Torres (R).

With the Lawmakers’ approval of the bill, prohibition of the cannabis is all set to end.

Under the legislation, adults over 21 years of age would be allowed to grow, possess and use marijuana. A legal and regulated system of commercial production, processing and retail sales would be created. Resulting tax revenue would be used to fund implementation of the program and other government services.

“The people of the CNMI recognize that the prohibition of marijuana has been terribly misguided and harmful, and our leaders are in touch with the public's sentiment on this issue,” Lawrence Duponcheel of Sensible CNMI said in a statement.” Today, members of the CNMI House of Representatives showed their commitment to honoring the will of the people.”

CNMI doesn’t yet have a medical cannabis law even. However, if the bill is enacted, CNMI will become the first U.S. jurisdiction to go directly from outlawing marijuana across the board to allowing recreational use.

Lawmakers in Guam, another U.S. territory, have also been considering legalization.

Machete-wielding Man escapes after robing Kingston Marijuana Store

August 07, 2018

A machete-wielding man is on the ran after robing Kingston marijuana store Monday morning. The Kitsap County Sheriff’s detectives are looking for him.

He is suspected of using a machete during the robbery at Green Tiki Cannabis shop on Highway 104 at about 11:41 a.m.

Though the exact quantity of the marijuana he carried from the store is yet to be known, an unconfirmed report said that the suspect made off with two ounces.

Employees of the shop reported the police that the suspect asked to see some marijuana from behind the counter. The employee retrieved the packages and set them on the counter. 

The suspect was described as a white mall in his early 20s, 5 feet 6 inches tall to 5 feet 10 inches tall with an athletic build.

“The suspect then displayed a large, black-colored machete, grabbed the packages of pot and walked out the door,” according to a statement from the Sheriff's Office.  

Deputy Scott Wilson, a spokesman for the office, informed that a sheriff's office tracking dog followed the robber’s path to where it appears he got into a vehicle and fled.

After reviewing the surveillance footage from the area, detectives determined the suspect parked a car nearby and he was last seen driving north on Hansville Road.

People having any information about the robbery have been asked to contact Detective Tim Keeler at 360 337 4825 or Detective Krista McDonald at 360 337 7117.

Marijuana worth of $6.5M seized in King Township

August 06, 2018

York Regional Police’s guns and gangs unit discovered a marijuana grow-op in King Township and seized 635 pounds of harvested cannabis and more than 4,000 plants, with a street value of $6.5 million. Besides, they laid charges against two men.

After getting complaints from the community, cops inspected at property at 570 Strawberry Ln. along with officials from King bylaw, York Region public health and King Fire and Emergency Services.

During the inspection the cops uncovered a large-scale cannabis grow operation on Friday.

As many as 22 greenhouses on the property was also executed.

Samkeo Vanvilay, 43, of Laval, Que. and Chi Chung Phan, 36, of Montreal, who were maintaining the plants have been arrested.

They have been charged with producing marijuana and possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.

The investigation revealed three Health Canada licenses were in place that allowed the suspects to grow a total of 875 plants each for medical purposes.

“This criminal enterprise was operating well in excess of Health Canada authorizations to grow cannabis for medical purposes,” Chief Eric Jolliffe said.

Further investigation into the matter is underway.

Police have asked people those who have information to contact the guns, gangs and drug enforcement unit at 1-866-876-5423, ext. 7817.