Zimbabwe legalizes Marijuana for Medicinal & Scientific Use

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on May 08, 2018.

Following the footprints of Lesotho, Zimbabwe has made it legal to produce marijuana for medicinal and scientific uses.

Lesotho became the first African country last year to issue a license for medical use of marijuana.

According to a recently issued government notice that was released by the Health Minister of the country, both individuals and companies can apply a license to grow marijuana for medicinal and scientific uses. However, the recreational use of marijuana still remains illegal.  

Zimbabwe has been considering legalizing the dug for the last several months, and will now become one of the few countries able to run it into a source of revenue.

The move is a step away from Zimbabwe’s traditional tough stance on drugs. Earlier, anyone found guilty of either producing or processing the drug was awarded 12 years of imprisonment.

Even the members of parliament in the largely conservative country who had advocated for legalization were often mocked.

While most of the African countries still criminalizes the production and use of marijuana, some countries including Malawi and Ghana are reportedly exploring ways to legalize it.  

A South African court last year had ruled that private use of marijuana was legal but the government appealed against the ruling at the constitutional court.

According to the United Nation’s 2017 World Drug Report, Africa is the second after the Americas in terms of production and consumption of cannabis.

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