Smoking Marijuana may cause fertility issues, reveals Study

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on September 06, 2017.

A recent study on the effects of marijuana has revealed that smoking cannabis could lead to fertility issues among men. As per the study, men who smoke marijuana feel ‘lazy’ and ‘chilled out,’ while affecting their sperm functions as well.

While smoking pot regularly reduces the sperm count by almost a third, the study has revealed that it also impacts the sperm functions. As per the report, marijuana makes the sperm get ‘high’, causing it to ‘swim in circles.’

Dr. Victor Chow of the University of British Columbia in Canada, who lead the research study said that the ‘weight of evidence is that marijuana probably has a negative impact not only on sperm counts but sperm function.’ Among men, it affects sperm count, while in women it subdues ovulation. However, the study does not reveal the exact manner in which the sperm function is affected.

Besides, smoking marijuana regularly increases the heart rate and also the blood pressure. In pregnant women, it might lead to the baby being born smaller than expected.

Earlier, a study had revealed the difference in walking patterns among cannabis and non-cannabis smokers. The study conducted by the University of South Australia reveals that the knees, elbows and shoulders of marijuana smokers are affected while movement.

As per the report, the pot users have stiffer shoulders, flexible elbows and quicker knees, which enables them to walk faster in comparison to the non-smokers of marijuana. However, the study states no significant differences between neurological functions and balancing activities of cannabis users.

With the ongoing debate on legalizing marijuana in the United States of America, the call of the hour is on more such research on the effects of marijuana on health of the people.

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