Reno City considers temporary ban on Recreational Marijuana Business

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on May 01, 2017.

The Reno City Council is considering a temporary ban on recreational marijuana business, including the application, licensing, and operation of recreational marijuana establishments and production facilities in the city.

The City Council on Wednesday decided a proposal for not to pursue a six-month delay on approving sales of recreational marijuana.

Several marijuana stake holders representing local medical marijuana establishments appeared at the council meeting to talk council members down from pursuing a moratorium as the state approaches its own summer deadline to begin an early start recreational marijuana program across the state.

One dispensary owner pointed out that neither the city of Sparks nor Washoe County has passed such a moratorium, so passing one in Reno would simply drive customers to seek recreational pot elsewhere in the county.

"Neither the city of Sparks nor Washoe County have passed moratoriums, which means folks may head over to Sparks and (other dispensaries in) Washoe County for marijuana," said Joey Gilbert, a co-owner of Mynt Dispensary in the council meeting. 

Reno Code Enforcement Manager Alex Woodley believed that the city is looking at recreational marijuana as a new industry. "Being the fact that we don't have any laws on the books right now, we have to consider creating new laws to make sure we address that particular industry", he said.

Currently, as many as four medical marijuana dispensaries are operating in the city of Reno. If the bill active in the state Legislature becomes law, adult people, eighteen years or older, will be allowed to use marijuana for recreational purpose.

Nevada voters approved Ballot Question 2 last November by a 54 to 46 percent margin, and in accordance with the initiative, Reno would be granted 20 recreational retail licenses.

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