Raccoon smokes Excessive Pot, rushed to Hospital

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on May 03, 2018.

In an unbelievable and first-of-its-kind marijuana emergency, a woman rushed her pet raccoon to Wayne Township fire station in Indianapolis, USA, in the dead of the night to seek treatment for the animal.

The fire officers were shocked to see a raccoon, who had smoked excessive marijuana and was completely “stoned”.

Speaking about the incident to one of the media organizations, Wayne Township Fire Captain Mike Pruitt said, “As many times as the doorbell on the firehouse was pushed, the firefighters were quite certain that something bad was going on outside. However, after opening the door we found there wasn’t a fire and neither was the raccoon unwell. The animal had smoked too much marijuana.”

The pet raccoon appeared very lethargic and showed symptoms typical of when a person is exposed to marijuana, Mike Pruitt added.

Owner of the raccoon was forced to taken the pet to home and make it sleep as the fire officials couldn’t do much about the raccoon's condition except wait.

Although the matter appeared quite serious on that night, the fire department later posted the strange “emergency” situation on Twitter with a hilarious illustration of a raccoon that certainly looked extremely high.

Responding to the post, Twitterati also shared the good humor and started posting a string of funny tweets on their respective micro-blogging site.

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