Quebec likely to set legal age for marijuana use at 18 years

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on October 02, 2017.

The legal age for consumption of marijuana in Quebec is likely to be 18, reports have revealed. As per information, Quebec will allow people to use pot at the same age as alcohol, which is 18 years.

As per the leaked reports, the Liberal government will also ban the private sector from indulging in sales of marijuana. A Crown corporation, likely the SAQ, is likely to handle the sales, as done in Ontario and New Brunswick.

The decision has been taken to discourage the marijuana sales in the black market to young adults. However, the move is likely to displease the opposition party Coalition Avenir Quebec, which has been advocating 21 years as the legal age for consumption of marijuana.

Though there is disagreement regarding the safe age to use marijuana, the federal government and the Canadian Pediatric Association have recommended age 18 to ‘safe age,’ since most brain development has already happened by the time a person turns 18 years.

Not just the opposition, the Canadian Psychiatric Association also argues cannabis should be banned until age 21, and that until age 25 people should be limited in how much they can use.

The Quebec Government was initially reluctant to legalize marijuana, but has been conducting a number of hearings to develop a policy before next summer. Health Minister LucieCharlebois is expected to table legislation concerning marijuana in the coming weeks.

The Ontario Government has announced the minimum age of marijuana consumption to be 19 years, and New Brunswick is also expected to follow suit, though there is no official announcement in the regard.

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