Police bust marijuana racket at abandoned liquor store

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on October 31, 2017.

Police officials have busted a major marijuana racket at an abandoned liquor store, right across the street from the 11th precinct station in north-east Detroit.

The police found about $127,420 worth of marijuana in a building that used to be Piper Liquor, informed Chief James Craig.

Officers in the 11th precinct station smelled a strong odor on Sunday, which was unusual in the area. Though they couldn’t figure out where it was coming from, but they recognized it as cannabis, Craig said.

“Today, they just started sniffing around. Through some diligent police work, they were able to identify this location behind us: a closed liquor store. As they (got close to) the liquor store, the odor was very strong. They went and got a search warrant and once they got in, what they found was significant,” said James Craig.

Police searched the building and found ready-to-be harvested 46 marijuana plants, which comes to about 12,742 grams.The plants were approximately seven feet tall.

The officials suspect the operation has likely been going on from six to eight months.

“It’s bold and brazen.We were standing in the parking lot and started smelling it yesterday.But if you kind of think about it, you’ve got the best security, being right across from the police station,” said Cpl. John Siejutt.

The police have found suspects with $10,000 on them while they were executing the warrant, the official informed.

Though the police said they are yet to trace those behind the operation, the investigation is on and there are “a couple of individuals” in custody.

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