Pennsylvania man steals human brain to smoke Marijuana

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on July 21, 2016.

In a shocking incident, Police charged a Central Pennsylvania man with of a corpse and conspiracy as he hid a human brain under a trailer porch and used its embalming fluid to get high. His aunt called the police after finding the brain in a Wal-Mart bag at a friend’s home.

Twenty-six year old Joshua Lee Long of Carlisle in Pennsylvania, who is already in Cumberland County Prison on multiple burglary charges, confessed in a phone call with his aunt that he had the brain and was using the formaldehyde to get high. He even gave the brain a nickname--Freddy.

The home where the brain was found belongs to Zoller and his girlfriend Angela Micklo - both of whom are wanted on multiple burglary charges and are currently on the run, the police revealed.

“The defendant related that he knew it was illegal to have the brain and that he and another man would spray the embalming fluid on ‘weed’ to get high,” wrote Trooper John Boardman, the investigator.

According to the police, Long and his friend Robby Lee Zoller soaked marijuana in the embalming fluid coating the brain and then smoked it. While authorities may have encountered formaldehyde-laced marijuana, using a dead person’s brain for drug purposes shocked some investigators.

Freddy’s real owner has not been discovered - nor has the body it once belonged to. Police think the brain was also stolen, most likely a medical specimen.

It is to be mentioned that embalming fluid usually contains formaldehyde, methanol, ethanol and other substances. When smoked, it produces a strong, hallucinatory high and can be dangerous. It is becoming more popular with teenagers and young adults, according to a recent report.

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