Oregon State Fair to feature marijuana plants this year

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on July 29, 2016.

In a first of its kind, the Oregon State Fair will display marijuana plants along with a 4H-style competition. The annual event is scheduled to be held at the Oregon State Fairgrounds in Salem on Aug 26 to Sept 25 this year. The motto of the fair is "Here Comes the Fun."

At first, the marijuana growers will showcase their plants at the Oregon Cannabis Growers Fair on Aug. 13 and 14, from which the top nine plants will be put on display at the State Fair—that will be the first fair in the country to display a live exhibit of non-flowering marijuana plants.

Renowned author and marijuana grower Ed Rosenthal will judge the competition. The plants will be non-flowering, and will be judged on leaf structure, special nodding, shape and overall health and vigor.

All the visitors at the State Fair are not allowed to marijuana plants area. The plants will be in a guard-protected greenhouse and restricted to adult people. Consumption of marijuana in the area will not be allowed as well.

Chairman of the Oregon Cannabis Business Council and the sponsor of the marijuana exhibition Don Morse stated the marijuana plants area will have its own entrance and exit, which would be protected by security guards. Only people 21 and older will be allowed in the said area, Morse said.

"This is our attempt to introduce the marijuana plant to the rest of the state as Oregon's newest agricultural farm crop”, Morse said. “There will be companies there from around the country and around the state that provide services for growers. Soil companies, lighting companies etc. anything dealing with marijuana growing, they are going to be there.” 

Fair officials also said the inclusion of marijuana plants is a nod to the newly legal status of the crop. The event will display nine marijuana plants but not take any stand on the issue of marijuana use.

In Oregon, the use of recreational marijuana became legal in 2014 for all adults aged 21 and older.

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