Ohio releases information on medical pot growers

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on October 02, 2017.

The Ohio Department of Commerce, on Friday, released a portion of the information of the 185 businesses which had applied for growing medical marijuana. The Department released 372 pages information, including the locations of where the businesses plan to set up their farms. However, the documents do not feature the investors behind the applicants.

With the country’s highest licensing fees, Ohio charges $2000 from small growers to apply and $18,000 as licensing fees. The large scale growers have to pay $20,000 to apply and $180,000 for license. During scrutiny, the applicants will be scored out of 100 points on their business plans. Cultivation methods and past industry experience. Small growers will cultivate areas up to 3000 square feet while large cultivators will grow in areas of up to 25,000 square feet.

At least two dozen operations are proposed for the Miami Valley which includes six in Dayton, three in Wilmington, and two in Huber Heights and one each in German town, Springfield and Yellow Springs.

While most the applicants are based in Ohio, applications also surfaced from at least six other states, including Michigan, Pennsylvania and Illinois.

According to the State’s medical marijuana law, people with 21 medical conditions are allowed to purchase and use marijuana only after being prescribed by the doctor. The 21 medical conditions includes cancer and chronic pain. However, Ohio’s medical pot law prohibits smoking weed or growing at home.

The applications are under review and the licenses are scheduled to be awarded in November. While the small cultivators are expected to be notified around November 15, large growers will be notified a couple of weeks later.

The medical pot will be available to medical card holders in about a year.

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