Medical Marijuana curriculum in Massachusetts!

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on December 04, 2017.

Yes, it's official! The Massachusetts Medical Society has prepared a medical education curriculum on medical marijuana. While the society continues to oppose both medical and recreational marijuana use as a matter of its policy, it could take into account the ground reality, which shows the urgency for many patients who use marijuana.

Medical marijuana became legal in Massachusetts in 2012. The recreational marijuana was approved in 2016. The Medical Society admitted that it has to see how the law can be implement with least injury, toxicity and without causing more damage to mental and physical health of the people.

The medical marijuana curriculum was developed by, a medical education website. It will teach doctors about dosing of marijuana and drug interactions as well as about the medical, physiological and mental health impacts that marijuana causes.

The course will also teach about the use of medical marijuana to treat specific diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis etc. It also sheds light on how federal law views medical marijuana and its impacts.

Currently, only 210 doctors in Massachusetts have been authorized to recommend marijuana to patients. It clearly shows majority of doctors are not comfortable with it and need more training. The Medical Society may not try to convince the doctors to write recommendations for marijuana, but believes that they need to be educated about the pot.

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