Marijuana Legalization Bill in Governor Phill Scott’s Court for Veto

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on May 20, 2017.

S.22 , the Bill to legalize marijuana, has been forwarded to Vermont Governor Phil Scott, who has time until next Wednesday to decide whether to sign the Bill or not. As per the law, once a Bill is sent, the Governor has five days (May 24) to respond. The Bill was handed over to Governor Scott on Thursday morning.

If the Governor doesn’t sign by next Wednesday and vetoes it, it becomes law without his signature. Both the chambers of the State Legislature have approved the Bill.

So far, Governor Scott has not revealed his intentions to sign the petition or not.Though, he has not opposed the legalization of the cannabis plant, he has asserted concerns about highway safety and youth access to marijuana.

Once approved, the Bill would legalize marijuana possession up to an ounce of marijuana and home-growing of cannabis plants per household from July 2018. However, the commercial production of cannabis plant is not permitted under the law. A commission to look into tax models will also come up after the passage of the Bill.

The Bill assumes significance because it is the first Bill to be passed in State legislature without the participation of citizen.

If the Bill is approved and passed, it will pave way for other states to follow suit and legalize cannabis plant without ballot initiative.

While opponents are reluctant to the introduction of marijuana in Vermont industry, fearing criminal justice system, the supporters argue the medicinal aspect of the weed.

Though, marijuana is not legalized under federal law, it is still available in most of the States. This comes at a time when President Donald Trump’s administration is looking for a stronger enforcement of federal Marijuana laws.

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