Man gets life plus 84 years for fatal killing during marijuana robbery

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on January 30, 2017.

A 27-year-old man, Zakaria Hussein Ali, has been sentenced to life in prison plus 84 years for fatal killing of 38-year-old Carlos Muse during a marijuana robbery in Aurora. He was sentenced on January 18 in this regard. The judge pronounced the maximum sentence to Ali that the law allows in the nation.

Ali was on parole when he traveled to Colorado with four co-defendants to obtain marijuana to sell in Minnesota, the Prosecutors said. On the fateful day, he threatened to shoot Muse if he didn’t provide the quantity of marijuana demanded.

As ill luck would have it, Muse wasn’t able to provide the marijuana during the rubbery. He was shot in the femoral artery by Ali, and then bound at his wrists and ankles and left to bleed to death on the floor of his home while the robbers pulled up the marijuana plants from the basement marijuana grow.

Ali was convicted of several charges, including first-degree murder, assault and aggravated robbery.

“The jury convicted him of first-degree murder after deliberation; first-degree felony murder; second-degree assault causing serious bodily injury; aggravated robbery; conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery and being an accessory to a crime in the Oct. 13, 2012 death of Carlos Muse, 38,” a statement from the 18th Judicial District stated.

Notably, Ali was found guilty in November 2016 of robbing Muse’s marijuana plants and leaving him to bleed to death in his home. 

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