Indiana Prosecutors strongly oppose Medical Marijuana Legalization

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on November 09, 2017.

Indiana's county prosecutors have opposed to marijuana legalization stating that the plant’s not medicine.’

In a letter sent to Republican Governor Eric Holcomb last week, the Association of Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys have warned that any type of marijuana legalization would come with grave consequences.

 “Reports abound of efforts to legalize marijuana in the state of Indiana. We respectfully ask the (administration) to formally oppose the legalization of marijuana in any form, for any purpose,” wrote David N. Powell, the association's executive secretary.

“We strongly believe both medicinal and recreational marijuana legalization are wrong for Indiana. We urge you to take a stand against these policies that would cause further harm to communities already suffering from the devastating effects of drug abuse.”

The argument comes after Representative Jim Lucas’s statement that he will “100 percent full-throttle”support the legalization of medical marijuana.

The Prosecuting Attorney’s group have made three points in their plea.

“Marijuana use increases the risk of the abuse of opioids and other controlled substances, it claimed that marijuana is not a medicine and it argued that the legalization of marijuana has had ‘devastating effects’ in other states,” the group has cited.

Though marijuana is considered illegal under the Federal Law, most of the states, have legalized medical marijuana for the treatment of patients who hold a license.

The prosecutors, however, say the legalization could worsen drug crisis, citing those who argue that marijuana can be used as medicine are relying on “half-truths and anecdotal evidence.”

In 2016, Holcomb had signed a law allowing epilepsy patients in Indiana,to use cannabidiol, often referred to as CBD.

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