First Marijuana Dispensary opens in Redding City

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on September 05, 2018.

Redding City has got first storefront recreational marijuana dispensary. One business, Synergy, opened its door Saturday as the first legal recreational marijuana dispensary located at 345 Hemsted Drive.

Synergy opened its door after months of meeting and paper work. It is the first state-licensed cannabis retail store of the six proposed dispensary that are set to come into the city.

Synergy has various cannabis products – buds, sublingual drops, chocolates, transdermal patches and creams – in the store.

Jamie Zargot, the owner of Synergy, explained more about what customers can expect.

She said they offer recreational marijuana to customers for recreational users who are at least 21-years-old and present a valid ID, and medicinal marijuana to patients with a valid recommendation, and valid ID. 

Zargot already owns a cannabis store in the city of Shasta Lake but she said this location is a lot more centrally located.

That's why she thinks the new store to take-off quickly.

For those concerned about keeping their cannabis purchase private, Zargot said she chose and designed the new location to protect the customers.

"Once they walk through the doors and realize 'Oh this is normal. This is professional,' they immediately relax and become more open and receptive to the experience. And that's an important first step I think. Also what's important about this location is the discrete parking at the back," said Zargot.

Zargot added the only thing for people to keep in mind is that they will check your ID twice before any purchase. 

"It's beautiful," said one of the 40 customers who visited Synergy on the opening day. "It looks gorgeous it feels natural. Clean much more like a pharmacy or doctors’ office." 

They locals considered the opening of Synergy is going to be a game changer because they can now feel their cannabis needs right at home.

Synergy is open from 9 am to 7 pm, all week.

Sundial Collective LLC, Bulldog Holdings LLC, The Green Door, Hype Cannabis Co. and Bryant Wellness Partners are the other cannabis retailers who have got the tentative approval from the state to open their marijuana dispensaries.

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