Employees of a Store uncover Marijuana in donations

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on May 28, 2017.

The workers of a second hand store in Maplewood were in for a huge surprise, when they uncovered packets of marijuana in a Ziploc bag, among the clothing distributed as donations. 

As per information, while rummaging through the clothing donations, the workers of ‘Once Upon a child,’ a second-hand store in Maplewood, found more than 100 grams of marijuana stacked in separate plastic bags.

Following the finding, the Maplewood Minnesota Police Department has posted the photograph of the finding on their Facebook page and asked the rightful owner to come and collect it from the police department in a humorous post.

“If you accidentally donated 111 grams of marijuana along with your clothing earlier to a local store please come to the PD so we can reunite you! We know you spent a lot of time dividing them into these perfectly measured baggies & must be missing them,” the Facebook of the police department post read. The photo was also tweeted from the department’s handle.

As expected, no one has turned up to stake ‘claim’ over the cannabis plant. However, the police are hopeful to catch the culprit soon through the security camera footage. The police will also review the forms filled up at the time of donation, which has name and address and contact details, though the authenticity of the particulars filled are yet to be verified.

The marijuana stacked neatly in packets, are believed to be for circulation and not personal consumption. There are more than 50 neatly arranged packets. Once caught, the person who owns the marijuana can be charged with possession and intent to distribute.

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