Edible Marijuana could be 'threat' this Halloween, says FSA

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on October 31, 2016.

Ahead of Halloween and the November election, the Florida Sheriff's Association (FSA) has sent out a warning to parents about candy laced with marijuana, claiming it could get mixed-in with traditional candy this Halloween.

"Children who go door to door may one day be at risk of receiving marijuana products if amendment 2 comes to pass,” says a post on FSA’s Facebook page. And, this warning comes with the slogan ‘Keep Florida away from pot.'

Jerry Demings, president of the FSA, claimed that candy with similar but unusual names like “Pot-Tarts” or “Zonka Bars.” He warned that it could happen if Florida voters in November pass Amendment 2 on Nov. 8, which would legalize medical marijuana.

The FSA said people in other states are putting edible marijuana in packages that look appealing to children and calling it names similar to legitimate products — "Pot-Tarts" instead of “Pop-Tarts,” or "Nugella" instead of Nutella. The association hasn’t been shy about its opposition to its passing.

However, the marijuana supporters maintain that the Association’s warning is just a scare tactic to prevent people from voting for Amendment 2, on the November ballot. A pro-medical marijuana group, citing the Associated Press, said there’s no evidence to Demings’ claim.

"What Demings is saying is completely unrealistic," said Ben Pollara, director of United For Care, the pro-medical-marijuana group. "It's not grounded in fact or experiences in the 25 other states and in Washington D.C. that already have medical marijuana."

The most recent Associated Press data from 2014 shows that there are no such incidents people handing out edible marijuana to children on Halloween.

Notably, The Amendment 2 on November 8 ballot, if approved, would allow qualified patients to consult state-approved doctors in order to use marijuana for medical purposes.

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