Cleveland City Council votes for medical marijuana zoning legislation

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on October 31, 2017.

The Cleveland City Council, on Monday, voted to adopt the new zoning legislation that will prevent sale of medical marijuana in about 95 percent of the city.

The legislation which was approved 15-1, “allows state-licensed medical marijuana cultivators, processors, retail dispensaries and testing laboratories to operate in certain zones in the city.”

As per the legislation, the location of the marijuana dispensaries will be limited to only cultivation sites, production and refining facilities and research sites. It further has state restrictions, which includes limiting pot dispensary operations within 500 feet close to schools, parks, churches and libraries.

The council members are trying to tightly regulate the businesses without forcing them out from the city out to the suburbs.  

Flushing marijuana dispensaries would lead the city to be cut out of potentially thousands of dollars in tax revenues from the new cannabis industry. It would also deny access to medical pot a few residents who have license for medical marijuana due to lack of transportation. 

“Medical marijuana is happening. If the closest access to this for medicinal use ... is in Independence, for example, I know a lot of my residents won't be able to get there,” said Kerry McCormack, a Council member.

Medical pot was in Ohio legalized on September 8, last year. However, the legislation rules were completed only this summer.

As per the legislation, the municipalities can regulate the processing and sale for medical pot under their jurisdiction. The state of Ohio will allow 24 growers and up to 40 processors to make various marijuana products.

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