Canadian Military issues Marijuana Policy

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on September 08, 2018.

The Canadian military Friday issued consumption guidelines on recreational marijuana for its forces.

Defense Chief Gen. Jonathan Vance says, as per the guidelines, the Armed Forces will be permitted to possess and consume cannabis as long as they follow the federal and provincial laws. However, it warned that those in uniform could face disciplinary action or charges if they fail to comply.

However, they will not be allowed to consume cannabis during a shift or domestic exercise. They will not be allowed to bring cannabis on any aircraft or vessel. Besides, they are not permitted to bring cannabis with them internationally.

Service members who plan to handle or maintain a weapon, ammunition or piece of equipment, have to face a 24-hour restriction while the military personnel who are about to serve on submarines and military aircraft, or who are planning to operate a drone, will face a 28-day restriction.

Voluntary medical treatment will be given to any soldier found to have an addiction to cannabis, or a “cannabis use disorder.” If the member denies treatment, a permanent note is added to their medical file.

As per the guidelines, those who break the rules or are otherwise suspected of “misusing cannabis” can face a variety of disciplinary actions as well as charges.

The service members who suspect a colleague of such misuse also have been asked to report the matter.

The supervisors have been given directions on how to detect someone who might be impaired while on the job, including the presence of glassy eyes and slow reaction times.

The restriction will apply to all 100,000 uniformed members of the Canadian Armed Forces as well as the roughly 25,000 civilians currently employed by the Department of National Defense.

The Canadian Military’s guidelines will come into effect on the same day when the recreational marijuana becomes legal in Canada on October 17.

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