California Officials prepare to fight a federal crackdown on Marijuana

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on March 02, 2017.

Marijuana supporters have been worried about Donald Trump administration’s stance on legalizing marijuana, particularly recreational marijuana, ever since the inauguration in the US. And, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s last week press conference on marijuana cleared the federal government’s possible crackdown the marijuana law of various states including California that have legalized marijuana for recreational use.

Spicer told the media persons, “I do believe you will see greater enforcement of it.” And while Spicer explicitly told reporters that the administration would not be going after medical patients or providers, he did not make the same concessions for the burgeoning non-medical cannabis industry. “Recreational marijuana, that’s a very, very different subject.”

However, California elected officials and cannabis industry leaders on Friday said, they were preparing for a potential showdown in the courts and Congress to protect the legalization measure approved by the state voters in last November.

The state agency, which is responsible for drafting regulations on recreational marijuana use, stated that it would carry out its plans to start issuing licenses to marijuana growers and sellers across the state.

“Until we see any sort of formal plan from the federal government, it’s full speed ahead for us,” said Alex Traverso, a spokesman for the California Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation.

California Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra says he is ready to safeguard the rights approved by the voters in Proposition 64 in last November, that allows California adults to possess, transport and purchase up to an ounce of marijuana for recreational purpose in the state.

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom also urged President Donald Trump to leave his hands off of the state's marijuana laws.

Newsom, in his letter to the President, wrote, "I urge you and your administration to work in partnership with California and the other eight states that have legalized recreational marijuana."

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