Amoeba Music gets Marijuana Dispensary license in Berkeley

Posted by Sagar Satapathy on September 30, 2016.

Just few weeks after Amoeba Music informed they have sold their LA location, the employees of their Berkeley location have some positive news at increasing business. Yes, Iconic California record store Amoebic Music Berkeley has earned an official Marijuana Dispensary License.

While the Election Day rolls around, one might not even need a medical license to obtain some accompaniments for music (or film, or merch) purchase. As Marc Weinstein explained in an interview late last year, the Berkeley store intends to convert its  jazz room into a dispensary.

Co-owner Dave Prinz spoke with the East Bay Express last year on the potential, now realized, shift, saying, "Weed can help save music—absolutely. It also fits in with what we do, who we are. It's counterculture to a very high degree."

On Facebook page, Amoeba Music’s employee Debby Goldsberry also wrote, “Though the location was rejected for a permit last fall, it’s now been awarded one.”

 While the license has been obtained, there's still a bit of time before Amoeba Berkeley will actually be selling marijuana, which requires some extensive remodeling in order to convert the jazz section into a dispensary.

After a few more months of approval and processing, the Berkeley Compassionate Care Collective (or BC3) will open in the store. And for anyone who needs a weed prescription, the Bay Area record store has covered — they already house a medical marijuana doctor’s office.

It is really unfortunate that just selling music isn’t enough to keep a record store afloat these days, but at the same time, if ideas like such new move to run side business can certainly keep stores like Amoeba in business for the days ahead.

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